How Can Machine Learning Predict a Driver’s Car Accident Risk?

July 8, 2021
Car Accident Risk

Computers, data sets, and analytical models are showing up in all sorts of applications that can change people’s behaviors and advance life-changing improvements to safety and health. When it comes to machine learning, this technology can greatly improve traffic and driving safety as well.

When scientists find ways to use information plugged into a computer model to predict the risk of having a car accident, people are empowered to make changes to their behaviors. Additionally, policymakers are encouraged to support improvement projects to improve safety.

What are Some Types of Data Sets Used to Predict Car Accidents?

Modelers collect data from post-accident statistics as well as information on the physical environment present at the time of the accident, such as weather, road conditions, time of day or week, traffic volume, and visibility issues, as well as the condition of the vehicles involved and relevant facts about the drivers. All of this information can help predict car accident risk.

When making predictions about individuals, models can assess someone’s accident risk by looking at their age, gender, and information about their home and neighborhood. The models may use specifics about the car they drive as well, taking into consideration the vehicle’s age, type, model, and engine capacity. Other information that can be employed to inform the risk assessment might be whether or not police were present or if similar deterrents for unsafe driving were in place.

How is Car Accident Data Collected?

Some models begin by studying data collected using road sensors that record events that precede accidents. Other models use data compiled from police reports and other official documents collected by government agencies and other organizations. Modelers extract useful information to recognize patterns in the data to create predictions.

How Does Machine Learning Use the Collected Information?

Some predictive models provide government agencies clear statistics on what measures work to prevent motor vehicle accidents. This information can help with creation or implementation of useful driving regulations and safety standards. Road engineers can utilize this information to plan for road designs and sign placement. Other models give drivers a better understanding of their likelihood of having a serious or fatal accident so they can adjust their driving habits.

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