Can Traction Control Prevent a Car Accident?

September 24, 2021
traction control

Since 2012, car manufacturers are required to have traction control. When combined with appropriate tires and other safety features, traction control gives the vehicle the ability to grip the road, allowing the driver to safely operate the car. If you are driving in inclement weather conditions, it is highly recommended to keep the traction control on.

Traction control may not entirely prevent a car accident, but it may help reduce the severity of the crash. It has been proven over the years that traction control reduces skidding and helps prevent vehicle rollovers.

How Do I Know Traction Control is Working?

Most drivers do not know that traction control is on. Traction control is automatically on, but the driver may manually shut it off in their vehicle. You can turn off traction control in your vehicle by simply pressing a button. Some cars require more extensive actions to turn off traction control.

If the traction control light is blinking on your dashboard, it means that a vehicle is losing traction, and it is attempting to regain grip. You would normally see this blinking light when you are driving in adverse weather, such as heavy rain or snow. If the traction control light is on and solid, particularly after the vehicle is started, then most likely, there is a malfunction in the system, and it needs to be addressed by a technician. 

There are certain conditions that may require turning off traction control. You would want to turn off traction control if the entire vehicle is stuck, either in mud or snow, and needs to move forward. Turning off the traction control means that a wheel is so severely immobile that some form of movement is needed. You should also turn off the traction control if chains are installed on the tires. In most cases, traction control should be on.

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