What Is Defensive Driving?

December 27, 2021
defensive driving

A defensive driver plans ahead, is cautious, and understands what is happening around them when they are on the road. Since human error is the cause of most car accidents, defensive driving is important because it helps prevent collisions and injuries. You should learn about how you can become a defensive driver.

Plan Ahead 

One of the best defensive driving strategies starts before driving: planning ahead of time. Knowing the weather conditions and the route you are going to take can help you prepare for the trip. Leave early if you know that the road conditions are not optimal. 

Avoid Aggressive Driving

It is easy to become frustrated when you are driving, especially when you are in rush hour traffic. Take a deep breath, and do not drive aggressively, which means no tailgating or speeding.

Leave plenty of room to give you enough time to stop in case of an emergency. Also, try not to let other aggressive drivers affect you. Road rage can spread among drivers. 

Observe Your Surroundings 

Scan the environment, and assume that other drivers do not see you. That is a good way to drive cautiously. Check your mirrors often, and make sure every intersection is clear before going through one. Anticipate that other motorists are not driving safely. 

Avoid Distractions 

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents. Operating a vehicle safely requires a driver’s full attention, so put away your cellphone, and do not eat or drink while you are driving. 

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Always maintain a safe following distance between your car and other vehicles. In slippery conditions, it is best to give yourself two or three times longer to come to a complete stop than you normally would.

Obey All Traffic Laws 

Traffic laws are there to keep everyone safe. Always follow the speed limit, and adjust your speed if the conditions are wet or slippery. 

Do Not Drive While Impaired

Drunk driving is never okay, and even one drink can inhibit a person’s ability to drive safely. Alcohol adversely affects your judgment, your ability to react, and your motor skills.

Be careful when taking medications as well. Many prescription medications can cause drowsiness, which causes impairments similar to alcohol. 

Know Your Vehicle

A key part of driving defensively is knowing your own vehicle. You should know all of your car’s safety features and use them appropriately. This will help you avoid a car accident.

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