Plumstead Car Accident Caused Fatality and Multiple Injuries

August 1, 2018

Plumstead Car Accident Caused Fatality and Multiple InjuriesA car accident in Plumstead, Pennsylvania caused a fatality and multiple injuries on Tuesday morning. Around 11 am, the crash occurred at the intersection of Easton and Old Easton Roads when a pickup truck slammed into a minivan. An elderly woman who was a passenger in the minivan succumbed to her fatal injuries at the scene of the Plumstead car accident, and an eight-year-old child also riding in the vehicle sustained serious head injuries. The driver of the minivan and two other children received medical treatment at a local hospital. Authorities suspect that the truck driver who incurred minor injuries went through a red light.

Traffic violations such as a driver running a red light factor into many car accidents. Unfortunately, other reckless driving practices like distracted driving, texting while driving, drowsy driving, speeding, and drunk driving may lead to crashes, too. Any parties involved in an accident caused by negligence may sustain a wide range of injuries as well as potential fatalities.

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