Civil Dispute Lessons Learned from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm

April 16, 2021

Christopher M. Brown, Esq. Eckell Sparks cbrown@eckellsparks.com 610-565-3701 It was reported recently that Bernie Madoff, infamous for his “Ponzi scheme”, died in prison. In Season 7 Episode 10 of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld assemble the cast of Seinfeld for a reunion episode. The plot of the Seinfeld reunion…

Do Grandparents Have Child Custody Rights?

April 12, 2021

During a divorce, a grandparent may wish to become a guardian of their grandchild. However, it is often challenging for a grandparent to gain child custody of their grandchild. Grandparents who are interested in gaining child custody should speak to a lawyer. A lawyer can advocate for the grandparents who are seeking custody. Are…

What Happens if I Get into an Accident with an Elderly Driver?

April 12, 2021

Elderly drivers have lowered response times, Additionally, senior drivers may have ailments, such as senility or dementia, that leave them unable to navigate roads responsibly. Injured car accident victims will want to pursue their legal rights in terms of receiving compensation for their damages. Due to pre-existing conditions or more fragile health, senior citizens…

What Should I Know About Planning My Estate?

April 7, 2021

It can be difficult to think about planning an estate. However, people should have plans in place for what happens after their passing. There are no guarantees survivors will have say over the distribution of assets without a will. There are some major considerations for estate planning. Situations will vary, but below are some…

How can I Support My Loved One After a Car Accident?

April 5, 2021

It is difficult to watch a loved one struggle with a car accident injury. A serious injury can lead to a disability or disrupt a person’s life. Additionally, injuries do not cause just physical pain, they can cause emotional turmoil and financial stress.  Helping a loved one can be difficult after a collision; most…

What is a Conservatorship?

April 1, 2021

Anyone who faces the possibility of having to care for a family member or friend who is unable to manage their own health care or other personal decisions should understand the difference between a guardianship and conservatorship. When a person is incapacitated due to disability, illness, or injury, a guardian may be appointed by…


March 31, 2021

Michael J. Davey, Esquire Employment Law Department Eckell Sparks Law Firm mdavey@eckellsparks.com 610-565-3700 As I previously reported, on March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. Among its many provisions, the law made some temporary—but profound—changes to the federal COBRA law. Essentially, the new law provides new health insurance COBRA-eligibility…

What are the Differences Between Separation and Divorce?

March 31, 2021

Most married couples will encounter hardships in their relationships. For some spouses, they may come to the conclusion that they need to dissolve the relationship. Divorce is a viable option that many couples choose when deciding to end their marriage. In fact, nearly 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, according to…

What Should I Do if My Child was Injured in a Car Accident?

March 30, 2021

Although safe driving can reduce the likelihood of a collision, a car accident can still happen, and passengers can suffer injuries, including children. Anybody under 18 years old is considered a minor, but when it comes to injuries resulting from a car accident, medical bills for minors may be the same or even more…

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