Shopping Slip and Fall Accidents
Posted On December 14, 2017
A slip and fall can turn a trip to the grocery store or shopping mall into a lifetime of chronic pain if your injury results in nerve damage that does not heal. Safety hazards that are not removed or marked with proper signage can be an even bigger risk when holiday crowds arrive on...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Named in U.S. News “Best Law Firms” List for 2017
Posted On December 8, 2017
The legal team at Eckell Sparks proudly announces that the firm has been honored as one of the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers for 2017. The firm received a First Tier ranking in Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, and was also highly ranked in Commercial Litigation. The...Read More >>
Most Dangerous Toys of 2017
Posted On December 7, 2017
Every year for over four decades, child safety group World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) publishes a list of the top ten most hazardous toys. According to the President of W.A.T.C.H., national toy safety standards are inadequate, as evidenced by the large number of toys that are recalled every year. The top ten most...Read More >>
Modifying a Parenting Plan
Posted On December 6, 2017
Over time, a family’s situation is likely to change — you or your former spouse may get a better job, lose their job, have a desire to relocate, any number of things can occur. If you are divorced and have a parenting plan in place, know that it is not set in stone. However,...Read More >>
Uncovering Hidden Assets During a Divorce
Posted On November 30, 2017
When one or both spouses have significant assets, complicated issues may arise during a divorce. As you begin to make a plan in favor of equitable distribution of assets in high net worth cases, unreported income and hidden assets may come to the forefront during divorce proceedings. For business owners and high-net worth families,...Read More >>
Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Posted On November 18, 2017
Millions of Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday. Driving is the transportation of choice for many travelers, resulting in busy roads because everyone is in a hurry. The increase in highway travelers comes with a risk in car accident rates. The busiest travel days are Wednesday and...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Podcast Episode 6 – Non-Probate Assets and Guest Meghan Tait of Financial Coach
Posted On November 17, 2017
After a brief discussion on the topic of non-probate assets, Eckell Sparks attorneys Christopher M. Brown and Rachael Kemmey introduce Meghan Tait of the Financial Coach.  Meghan shares her knowledge and insight as she describes the difference between Certified Financial Planners versus Certified Financial Analysts. Visit this link to listen to the podcast: Episode 6...Read More >>
Co-Parenting During the Holidays
Posted On November 16, 2017
Co-parenting during any time of the year can be challenging, but the holidays present even more scheduling hurdles. Advance planning and thoughtful consideration from all parties involved can make the season less stressful for everyone. Above all, put the children’s needs first and try to keep emotion out of the equation. Make a Plan...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Releases Podcast Episode 5 – The Estate of Robert Baratheon
Posted On November 5, 2017
Christopher Brown and Rachel Kemmey of Eckell Sparks have released a new episode of their continuing podcast series, The State of Estates. In this lighter episode, Chris and Rachel are joined by litigation attorney Matthew Bilker to discuss the highly controversial (fictional) death of Robert Baratheon, a character on the popular HBO series, Game of...Read More >>
Grandparents’ Rights in Pennsylvania
Posted On November 2, 2017
Divorce can be very complicated, particularly when there are children involved. One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce settlement is deciding on a custody arrangement, as it can be difficult to come to a consensus. The rights and responsibilities of the parents may only be part of the equation. Other family members,...Read More >>
Motor Vehicle Accident Causes Fatality and Injuries in Chester
Posted On November 1, 2017
On Tuesday afternoon, a motor vehicle accident claimed the life of one driver and injured two others. Around 2 pm, the crash occurred when a Ford Explorer swerved into oncoming traffic and collided with a Nissan Sentra. The crash took place in the intersection of North 2nd Street and Franklin Avenue in Chester, Pennsylvania. The...Read More >>
Halloween Safety Tips 
Posted On October 28, 2017
Halloween is among the most anticipated holidays of the year – for children and adults alike. Candy and costumes bring out the kid in all of us. However, Halloween is also full of potential hazards. Follow these simple safety tips to keep your ghouls and goblins safe on Halloween.  Candy Most children will say...Read More >>
Permanent Headlights Help Prevent Auto Accidents
Posted On October 18, 2017
Headlight use at night and during inclement weather is mandated by law in most states. Many lawmakers also feel that drivers should be required to use headlights during the day to improve visibility and prevent accidents. Recent studies suggest that permanent headlight use does make a difference in reducing car accidents, though not all...Read More >>
Child Relocation and Custody Modification
Posted On October 12, 2017
Child relocation and custody order modification are among the most common issues discussed by family law attorneys. Several notable cases have reached the state Superior Court. One recent case provides important insight regarding both matters. The case involved a couple who had two children during the course of their marriage. Upon separating, the father...Read More >>
New Cell Phone Use Study
Posted On October 7, 2017
A new study shows that drivers continue to use their cell phones at an alarming rate. In fact, drivers are using their cell phones to text, navigate, talk, and engage in social media during 88 percent of their car trips. The company ZenDrive has developed a cell phone app that measures cell phone use...Read More >>
Schuylkill Motorcyclist Fatally Injured in Crash Involving Excessive Speed
Posted On October 3, 2017
On Monday afternoon, two motorcyclists crashed into a pickup truck, which caused a fatality and serious injuries. When the accident occurred around 3:10 pm in West Brunswick Township, Pennsylvania, the first motorcyclist, a 25-year-old man from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, and a second motorcyclist, a 30-year-old man from Auburn, Pennsylvania slammed into a truck that...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Releases Podcast Episode 4 – The Role of Guardian Ad Litem
Posted On September 30, 2017
Attorneys at Eckell Sparks are proud to announce the fourth episode of our continuing podcast series, The State of Estates. In this latest episode, our special guest, Daniel R. Coleman, discusses the critical role of guardian ad litem, the person assigned to advocate for a person alleged in court to be incapacitated. Visit this link...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Announces Third Podcast Episode: Your Trusty Corporate Trustee
Posted On September 21, 2017
The third podcast episode, Your Trusty Corporate Trustee, in Eckell Sparks’s continuing series, The State of Estates, is now available for listeners. In their latest episode, estates and trusts attorneys, Chris Brown and Rachael Kemmey, interview Univest Trust Officer, Alex Magid, Esq., about the advantages of having a corporate fiduciary act as a trustee...Read More >>
Staying Together for the Kids
Posted On September 20, 2017
A new study out of Spain centered on the effects of divorce on children. Many couples considering divorce worry about how their children will deal with the separation. Researchers studied 467 children aged two to 18 of both married/living together and divorced couples to track the emotional and physical health of the children and...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Releases Second Podcast Episode: Feel the Power (of Attorney)
Posted On September 15, 2017
Eckell Sparks is proud to announce the release of the second podcast in its continuing series, The State of Estates. In this episode, estates and trusts attorneys, Chris Brown and Rachael Kemmey, offer important information on the topic of Power of Attorney. The podcast touches on Living Will Healthcare Power of Attorney, providing insight...Read More >>
Home Depot Fined for Selling Dangerous Products
Posted On September 14, 2017
Congress established the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 1972 to protect consumers from dangerous household products. The CPSC recently charged Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. with selling and distributing previously recalled consumer products. The Atlanta-based chain agreed to pay a civil penalty of $5.7 million to settle the charges. The settlement does...Read More >>
Proving Fault for a Car Accident in Pennsylvania
Posted On September 7, 2017
When seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident, fault must be determined by the courts regardless of which driver has been ticketed. The current liability laws governing car accidents were sold to legislators under the assumption that insurance rates would be reduced, though this has not been the case. The injured may...Read More >>
Issues in High Asset Divorces
Posted On August 31, 2017
When one or both spouses have significant assets, complex legal issues arise when it comes to divorce. Couples with high a net worth typically have a diverse financial profile that requires an in-depth understanding of asset valuation. For this reason, it is critical to have a divorce lawyer who has the experience and the...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Announces New Podcast, Inherited Wisdom
Posted On August 23, 2017
Eckell Sparks attorneys Chris Brown and Rachael Kemmey of the Estates and Trusts Department introduce the podcast and begin by discussing some basics regarding the Pennsylvania intestacy laws, specifically regarding what happens if you die without a Will. Our lawyers welcome anybody who is looking to learn more about estate law to tune in....Read More >>
SEPTA Train Wreck Hurts 42 Individuals in Upper Darby
Posted On August 22, 2017
Forty-two individuals sustained personal injuries in a train wreck involving a SEPTA train on Tuesday morning. The accident in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, occurred around 12:15 pm when a train traveling from the Norristown High Speed Line crashed into an unoccupied train car at the Upper Darby Transportation Center. The train accident caused 41 passengers...Read More >>
Prevent Drowsy Driving Accidents
Posted On August 11, 2017
Drowsy driving has become a frequent practice among vehicle operators, contributing to a staggering number of accidents and fatalities. Most people are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, but few know that drowsy driving can be equally perilous. Many drivers believe they can still safely operate a vehicle while drowsy, and downplay the...Read More >>
Car Crash Fatally Injures Teenage Bicyclist in Bucks County
Posted On August 10, 2017
During a car crash on Tuesday afternoon, a teenage bicyclist sustained fatal injuries. Around 2:50 pm, an 18-year-old woman was driving her car when she struck a boy who was crossing the street on his bicycle in Lower Makefield Township, Pennsylvania near the local elementary school. The teenage bicyclist sustained several personal injuries and...Read More >>
Main Line Today Names 14 Eckell Sparks Attorneys as Top Lawyers 2017
Posted On August 3, 2017
We are very proud to announce that 14 lawyers at the law firm of Eckell Sparks were specially recognized as Top Lawyers by Main Line Today (MLT). The publication presented their 2017 Main Line Today’s Top Lawyers list in their August 2017 issue, which honored lawyers from firms in the area who practice various...Read More >>
Planning Your Estate
Posted On July 31, 2017
For most of us, leaving a meaningful legacy for our loved ones after our passing is very important. Yet the process of considering what to leave our family members can be emotional. Estate planning does not have to be a difficult process. Planning your estate now prevents needless anxiety later. A well-planned will gives...Read More >>
Pennsylvania Drivers Are Some of The Rudest
Posted On July 26, 2017
A recent campaign called “Drive Human,” conducted by K­ars4kids, determined that Pennsylvania drivers are among the rudest in the nation. Pennsylvania ranked 42 out of 50 states in various poor driving categories, such as failing to properly merge and tailgating. The survey asked drivers from across the country a variety of questions relating to...Read More >>
Fatal Wreck Claims Man’s Life in Berks County
Posted On July 25, 2017
A fatal wreck claimed a man’s life on Tuesday morning in Muhlenberg Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The accident occurred around 5:19 am on Route 61 at Tuckerton Road and involved two vehicles. A man was driving his car and apparently lost control, colliding into another car when he was approaching the intersection. The man...Read More >>
Pennsylvania Child Custody and Relocation Laws
Posted On July 24, 2017
After divorce, people may decide to relocate for many different reasons. Maybe they move for a job, a new love interest, or to make a fresh start. When children are involved, the relocation process is a bit more complicated. Before making a move, parents should know Pennsylvania’s child custody relocation laws. Pennsylvania Child Custody...Read More >>
When Township Fails to Act, Court Says Citizens May
Posted On July 20, 2017
Does a private citizen have the right to litigate a failure to comply with a township land development ordinance when the township, itself, refuses to enforce the ordinance?  Such was the interesting question recently decided by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania in the case of Smith, et al., v. Ivy Lee Real Estate, LLC,...Read More >>
Staying in Business After Divorce
Posted On July 11, 2017
The Census Bureau estimates that married couples own around 3.7 million businesses across the country. With the divorce rate currently hovering between 40 and 50 percent, a lot of divorced business partners are left wondering whether the business can survive the end of marriage. Do ex-spouses that own a business together divorce their business...Read More >>
Retirement Benefits and Divorce
Posted On July 6, 2017
By, Craig B. Huffman, Esquire The United States Supreme Court decided a case involving a military pension which highlights the importance of understanding the nature of retirement benefits in divorce cases. While it is very unusual for the United States Supreme Court to address family law matters, the case of Howell v. Howell, 581 U.S....Read More >>
What You Should Know About Wills
Posted On July 3, 2017
Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes catastrophic events like an unexpected passing happen suddenly. Most people do not want to think about such life-altering events, so they choose to ignore them instead. Ignoring the inevitable can cause massive family rifts in deciding who will be responsible for medical bills for...Read More >>
Fireworks Safety This Summer
Posted On June 30, 2017
Fireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July. The spectacular displays of pyrotechnics thrill crowds all over the country annually, allowing communities to compete to put on the best and most extravagant displays. In many states, consumer fireworks are also legally available for home use, however these legal fireworks cause many injuries, most of...Read More >>
Common Issues and Concerns in Child Custody Cases
Posted On June 23, 2017
Child custody can be a confusing and difficult process to go through. Many potential problems or concerns may arise during the process of child custody. Luckily, it is not a process that you have to go through alone. Common issues or sources of confusion in child custody cases include certain types and wordings of...Read More >>
Several Injuries in Head-on Collision in Horsham
Posted On June 21, 2017
A head-on collision caused several personal injuries on Tuesday evening in Horsham, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The collision occurred around 10:20 pm when a sedan and SUV collided in the intersection of County Line Road and Keith Valley Road. At least two individuals sustained injuries although there is no information about the severity of the...Read More >>
Media Car Accident Lawyers: What to do After a Car Accident
Posted On June 15, 2017
It is difficult to know exactly what steps to take in the heat of the moment just after a car accident. From a simple fender bender to a serious pileup, the situations can vary wildly. However, there are always some basic procedures that should be followed that will help you in the long run....Read More >>
Michael J. Davey Receives the Nicholas D. Vadino Memorial Award
Posted On June 15, 2017
Congratulations to Michael J. Davey, Esquire, who received the Nicholas D. Vadino, Jr. Memorial Award for Significant Contributions by a Young Lawyer to the Organized Bar at the 2017 Delaware County Bar Association’s Annual Bench Bar Conference. Presenting the award to Mr. Davey was the Chair of the Bench Bar Conference Committee, Robert Firkser,...Read More >>
West Chester Personal Injury Lawyers: Recognizing Drowsy Drivers and Avoiding an Accident
Posted On June 9, 2017
Many know the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. However, despite the fact that drowsy driving is the most dangerous of the three, many drivers are unaware of it. If you catch yourself yawning frequently, having to make an effort to keep your eyes open, or find your mind wandering, you could be...Read More >>
Media Personal Injury Lawyers: Common Summertime Accidents
Posted On May 30, 2017
  As the summer months approach, more Americans are venturing outdoors to enjoy the activities that come with warmer weather. Water and car accidents are among the most common causes of summertime injuries. Here are some of the reasons why they happen and what you can do to avoid them.  Accidents in the Water...Read More >>
Eckell Sparks Attorneys Chosen as Super Lawyers 2017
Posted On May 17, 2017
Eckell Sparks, one of the largest full-service law firms in the five-county Philadelphia metropolitan area, has been privileged to serve clients since 1964. All members of the team pride themselves on providing personal attention, compassion, insight, excellent resources, and an unparalleled reputation. These qualities and more are the reasons Eckell Sparks attorneys have been...Read More >>
Media Wills and Estates Lawyers: Six Out of 10 Adults Without a Will
Posted On May 15, 2017
It is uncomfortable for many people to contemplate what would happen if they got into an accident where they were left unable to care for themselves, or worse, had fatal injuries. However, these are exactly the situations for which families should be prepared with a will, living trust, or at the very least a...Read More >>
Media Divorce Lawyers: Forensic Accounting and Divorce
Posted On May 1, 2017
During a divorce proceeding, some of the most contentious issues arise out of financial disputes. When the marital estate is sizable and one spouse has always been in charge of a couple’s finances, it may be worth hiring a forensic accountant to aid in determining the value of assets in a divorce. Accountants are...Read More >>