Do Midsize SUVs Perform Well in Car Safety Testing?

June 23, 2022

The popularity of the midsize SUV continues to grow. Midsize SUVs are one of the most sought-after vehicles, but are midsize SUVs safe for drivers and passengers? This is an important question, especially considering the latest car accident fatality numbers. In 2021, crash fatalities rose by 10.5 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic…

What Are the Most Common Accidents That Happen in Summer?

June 21, 2022

If you are one of the millions of people who look forward to summer for the warm weather, the longer days, and the opportunity to spend time outdoors, you have probably already started soaking up the sun since Memorial Day. However, the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is known as…

Why Should You Accept Emergency Treatment After a Car Accident?

June 14, 2022

Immediately after being involved in a car accident, you may feel little to no pain. This is true even if you have been injured. The rush of adrenaline can mask discomfort or pain for several hours. As a result, many people who have been in a car accident refuse medical treatment at the scene….

Can Getting into a Car Accident While Pregnant Lead to Birth Defects?

June 9, 2022

Being pregnant comes with risks, and one that often gets overlooked is car accidents. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, car accidents are the top cause of fetal injury and mortality. About 200,000 pregnant women are injured in car accidents every year. When an expectant mother is driving and gets into an…

What Assets Should Be in a Living Trust?

June 7, 2022

A living trust can protect your assets by avoiding probate, ensuring an easy transfer to your beneficiaries. Most assets in a trust require a specific process to set them up properly, and some assets should be left out altogether. It is essential to understand how a trust works to help you decide if it…

What Are My Legal Options if I Have a Brain Injury From a Car Accident?

June 2, 2022

There are many injuries you could suffer from a car accident, most of which could lead to a lengthy recovery time. Brain injuries are some of the most common and serious injuries you could suffer from because of the sheer impact of a crash. If you have recently been in an accident, there is…

How Can I Prove Fault in a Right-Of-Way Dispute?

May 31, 2022

Understanding who has the right-of-way can sometimes be difficult. You must know the right-of-way driving laws and what you need to prove in a case should you become injured in a car accident. Proving fault in any case can be difficult, but right-of-way cases are often tumultuous. As with any car accident, you should…

Is Adaptive Cruise Control a Safe Feature to Use?

May 24, 2022

There is no doubt that advances in technology have made automobiles safer over the past few decades. From airbags to lane departure warning systems, car accidents have been reduced, and countless lives have been saved because of these improvements. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is one feature that is found in some modern cars. The…

How Can I Avoid a Car Accident During This Memorial Day Weekend?

May 20, 2022

More people die on the road over the three-day Memorial Day weekend in the United States than any other holiday weekend each year. According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 380 people will lose their life this Memorial Day weekend as well. The reason? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the Memorial…

What Are Common Driver Distractions?

May 16, 2022

Distracted driving killed 3,142 Americans in 2020, based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. Driving requires an individual’s full attention to ensure safety for everyone on the road. Distracted driving is any non-driving activity a person engages in that takes their attention away from the road. While it is evident that driving…