Delaware County Bus Accident Lawyers

Commuter buses and school buses provide reliable, convenient transportation for thousands of passengers in Pennsylvania daily. When embarking on a bus trip, whether to school, work, or some other activity, the first thought most riders have when entering a bus is not the possibility of a life-changing bus accident.

It may never even cross the mind of a passenger that they could be at-risk for incurring various injuries or even facing fatal consequences when riding a bus.

Oftentimes, commuters do not need to worry, but when a bus accident does occur, it may result in a catastrophic accident that could alter the quality of their lives and their loved ones forever.

When victims experience the physical and emotional trauma of a bus accident, they may find that they cannot handle the multi-faceted responsibilities that could result from the aftermath of a crash alone. The Delaware County bus accident lawyers at Eckell Sparks will assist you when decisions must be made that require the guidance of a team of experienced legal professionals.

Our goal is to simplify our clients’ accident claims, so that they can concentrate on recovering from their injuries and not fret about the overwhelming paperwork and looming medical bills that may pile up.

Buses in Accidents

Buses may be designed to carry numerous passengers, but they do not contain the safety features that smaller motor vehicles do. Due to their cumbersome bodies, buses may be more apt to rollover in an accident, which can lead to serious injuries. Preventing such may be challenging for even experienced bus drivers to operate.

Car drivers may endure severe injuries if their vehicle is struck by a considerably larger vehicle, such as a bus.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Many factors may contribute to the likelihood of a bus accident, and these factors reflect those of other motor vehicle incidents.

  • Distracted Driving Various distractions may prevent a bus driver from paying attention to driving. This may include texting while driving and talking on the phone or to passengers.
  • Intoxicated Driving Bus drivers may be impaired by alcohol or drugs, which will have an impact on their ability to drive.
  • Speeding In order to reach a destination on time, a bus driver may speed, which could cause an accident that puts passengers and other drivers at-risk for injuries and fatalities.
  • Reckless Driving Aggressive driving, which may include speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and failing to use the proper signals, may result in an accident.
  • Driver Fatigue Bus drivers may become tired if they take on too many routes or do not receive enough hours of sleep to stay awake while driving.
  • Bus Failure The bus company is responsible for ensuring that the bus receives regular maintenance and upgrades. If not, the bus may operate in an unsafe manner, and could be involved in an accident due to lack of proper upkeep. Defective parts that have not been replaced could factor into a crash as well.
  • Lack of Experience or Training To save money, some companies choose to hire drivers who may not possess enough experience to safely operate a bus, or do not receive proper training.

Challenges in Bus Accident Litigation

Unlike car accidents, bus accidents may be tougher to litigate. This is because it may be more challenging to pinpoint which party or insurance company bears responsibility for compensating the victims or their families.

Make no mistake that large bus companies keep lawyers on retainer for when accidents or other legal issues occur. They may employ an insurance company to assess the damage and evaluate just how much compensation they believe that accident victims should receive.

The legal department and insurance company aim on saving the bus company money by deflecting or denying more comprehensive claims from occurring. In that case, it is highly recommended to find a Delaware County bus accident lawyer who will protect the rights of the victim, and not the bus company.

Delaware County Bus Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Protect the Rights of Bus Accident Victims

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