Excellent Service
Michael Davey provided excellent service, with a personal touch. He set clear expectations, helped to prepare me every step of the way and was always responsive throughout a very stressful time. I recommend him and the team of Eckell Sparks highly.
-Staci L.

Extremely Professional and Responsive
Michael Davey handled my unemployment appeal and was extremely professional and responsive to all my questions. The case was adjudicated quickly and to my satisfaction. He explained the fees and was very detail oriented in preparing my case. I highly recommend him and this firm.
-Janet D.

Excellent Choice!!
A friend of mine referred me to Eckell & Sparks. That referral turned out to be golden. I retained them to represent me in my personal injury case. And my case was a very complicated matter. Matt Bilker was my attorney. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Matt’s excellent strategy and litigation skills achieved us an extremely favorable settlement. I highly recommend this law firm.
-John G.

Get the justice that you deserve
I was hit by a drunk driver late one night. My ten-year-old daughter was in the car with me. I will never forget that night. The lights from the car that hit me, the immediate pain and terror. Then came all of the questions about how I would get my life back together. Matt Bilker won’t give up until the negligent party pays for what they’ve done to you and he understands that it only takes a second to change your life forever. He makes sure that you are always informed of the legal process step by step. I had a lot of questions and a different lawyer when I started my case.   Then I found Matt Bilker and all of that changed. I wish I could explain how at ease I felt once I knew he was the attorney representing me in what turned out to be one of the most pivotal times in my life. Now, after going through a jury trial, I get to remember how it felt when the jury stood up and awarded me not only a substantial amount of money, but the feeling of justice. Matt made sure I knew that I mattered, that what happened to my family and I mattered, that the woman who decided to get drunk and operate her car would pay for what she did. I know that without Matt I would have had a totally different outcome. I can’t say enough good things about Matt Bilker. Insurance companies try to dismiss you and your injuries like they are worthless or they act like you should be “all better” when you know you are not. Don’t let them dismiss you. Call Matt Bilker and get the justice that you deserve.
-Mary U.

Stress and Worry Free
Mr. Eckell is absolutely one of the most honest, knowledgeable and reliable attorneys out there. ( I can say that after working with at least 4 different ones before him) He represented my husband and I in real estate transaction. Listened, advised, communicated clearly, addressed our concerns patiently, promptly responded to changes in contract that occurred couple times, emailed or called back in no time, showed up to meetings punctually! We stayed so well informed through the process. He made entire experience stress and worry free.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Thorough
Eckell Sparks was professional, kind, caring and patient in helping me in my lawsuit. Matt Bilker was quick to communicate and was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. My experience was pleasant with Eckell Sparks during a time in my life that was marked by doctor’s visits ,broken bones and a marred appearance. That says a lot!  I plan to use Eckell Sparks for all of my law needs!

Outstanding Legal Minds
It has been a pleasure to have Eckell Sparks represent our family and it’s different interests. Outstanding legal minds and personable environment makes this firm tops in the state.

Melanie did everything she had to and more just to help us. She was great! I would highly recommend her.

One-stop Shop for Legal Help
I have used Eckell Sparks, and have personal experience with three of their lawyers…Leonard Sloane for trial\litigation issues and contract reviews, Mike Davey for employment contract related items, and David Auerbach for family matters.  The firm is small enough to provide good attention to their clients, but large enough to have lawyers who specialize in a wide variety of practice areas, so you can get a one-stop shop for legal help.  Rates are pretty reasonable as well.

A Lawyer for Single Fathers that WINS
What can I say? My case was complicated.  I relocated from a different state to Pa in a messy custodial matter where I was seeking 50/50 VS. what I currently had (Partial Physical Custody) and Craig crafted the right strategy with how to approach the Chester County Judicial system and my case. Let’s face it, it’s not easy for Fathers. (Especially for those that are coming from a different state) Craig’s strategy humanized me in the eyes of the court and this was granted what only 14 percent of Fathers have in this state : 50/50 Custody. I will forever be grateful. If you want actual results, hire this lawyer.

Trustworthy Legal Assistance
As a business owner I very much value trustworthy legal assistance. I have found this in Eckell Sparks. For over 40 years, the firm has provided me with legal counsel that has not only provided ironclad protection for my business, but which has also helped me avoid making mistakes. I heartily recommend Eckell Sparks to anyone seeking reliable, ethical and effective legal services.

Professional, Kind, Caring and Thorough
5 stars! Eckell Sparks Law Firm is professional, kind, caring and thorough. Matt Bilker worked hard to get me the settlement that was due to me. He guided me along the way through unfamiliar territory as I have never initiated a lawsuit against anyone. We plan to use Eckell Sparks for our other law needs in the future.

Great Knowledge of the Law
We have known Len Sloane since 2014, when we retained the Eckell Sparks Law Firm and Leonard A. Sloane, Esq. to represent us in a personal injury case. My wife was seriously injured, when her car was hit in a head-on collision caused by an intoxicated driver. Having done prior due diligence in selecting attorney, I met with Len and his paralegal, Betsy, in his Media office. Right from the get-go, I knew that I wanted him to represent us. Len was compassionate, and all business. He offered to meet with my wife, Alma, and I. We signed the agreement in her hospital room the very next day. Len is an excellent attorney, energetic, and with great knowledge of the law. Len and Betsy gave us support when needed. He became a trusted friend. My wife suffered terrible injuries requiring many months of hospitalization, not an easy time for a couple of 80 years old, but young of heart, people with a zest for life. Len understood us perfectly and concluded the case satisfactorily. We highly recommend Len Sloane and the Eckell Sparks Law Firm.
-With our best wishes, Alma and Ib Steinmetz

I Could Not Have Chosen a Better Law Firm
I have been fortunate to have Eckell Sparks law firm representing me in a high conflict divorce. Since 2011, I have been a client and am truly grateful to (Craig Huffman’s ) commitment, knowledge and professionalism. He is always available and has provided sound, invaluable advice every step of the way during this difficult process. I could not have chosen a better letter lawyer and law firm.

If You Need a Trial Lawyer, Go With Matt
I strongly recommend Matt Bilker as a civil trial attorney in Delaware County. When I was sued for a significant amount of money and assets, I retained Eckell Sparks and Matt Bilker. Matt developed a comprehensive litigation strategy to give me the best chance of success. He was easy to get a hold of, fair with billing, and kept me regularly informed and up to date on how my case was proceeding. When we were unable to achieve a fair settlement. Matt was confident in taking the case to trial. In the courtroom, he was strong, articulate and persuasive. After two days of trial, we achieved a very favorable verdict and made out even better than our last settlement offer. If you need a trial lawyer, go with Matt.

Best Decision I Ever Made For My Discrimination Lawsuit
I could not be happier with the experience I had with Michael Davey. He walked me through the process of my discrimination suit step by step and held my hand the whole time. I had no prior experience with anything like this and he answered every one of my questions without all the fancy legal jargon. He was always accessible to me whenever I had concerns or thought of something that could be useful. From our first meeting to the last hearing, he was absolutely wonderful. He helped me through an awful experience with my previous employer and fought for me and what I deserved to the end. He talked me through every aspect in a way that was comfortable and like talking to an old friend. If I had to do the entire lawsuit over again, I would go with Michael Davey.

Very Professional and Personable
I had an employment issue, and Mr. Davey handled my case very professionally. He addressed all my questions and concerns and was always available to talk. His knowledge of the information surrounding my case was excellent, and he consistently provided me with a thorough explanation of everything pertaining to my case, every step of the way. I would feel very confident with his representation should I have any future matter, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for strong, quality representation.

The Only One who Cared
I was having a legal issue involving my job and sought the advice of a few lawyers. Despite the strong amount of evidence I had in my favor no lawyer would bother with me or wanted a large lump sum before we talked about how to proceed. I felt like giving up until a co-worker strongly recommended Mr. Davey to me. I am so glad I went! My case was handled quickly, professionally and my issue was resolved in a matter of a few weeks. Mr. Davey kept in contact with me throughout the whole ordeal and made sure I had the latest updates. If anyone is ever having any legal trouble I will be handing them Mr. Davey’s business card.

Employment Issue
While being ever the professional, Mike is always wise in advice. I took a stand for Mental Illness in the work force, and he stood behind me all the way! I come from a family of lawyers (3 out of 4 siblings) so attorneys I know well! He should be a judge, he has the right stuff!!

Most Professional Lawyer
His Knowledge is excellent. He is always prepared and prompt. He explained the process and everything pertaining to the case. He addressed all my concerns and questions. I feel very confident with his representation on any matter. He is a real asset to the firm.

I honestly am not sure where we would be without him
We came to Eckell Sparks and Craig Huffman during one of the most trying and difficult times in our life. Craig was very kind, knowledgeable and committed to our case. He patiently walked us through each step we had to take. We received his devoted attention, support and expertise.

Additionally, it was obvious that he believed in our case. Craig is results driven and gave us not only legal advice, but helped get back our self-respect, stability and livelihood. His attention to detail, wisdom, caring and personable nature are invaluable. He never judged us, even through the most difficult scenarios, and he always put our best interest first. Craig was always able to tactfully put things into perspective for us, and I honestly am not sure where we would be without him.

We are in peace and have our lives back and it feels better than ever because Craig and his law firm made sure we received justice. We will never be able to thank him enough and are so grateful in so many ways. I highly recommend Craig Huffman and Eckell Sparks.