Tips for Making Your Car Safer to Drive

September 14, 2018

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers discuss vehicle safety to keep you safe on the roads. No driver wants to experience the aftermath of a car accident. The toll a car accident can have on one’s physical and mental health can be devastating. Severe injuries, including loss of limbs, internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and even death, can result from motor vehicle accidents caused by unsafe cars.

Many individuals will face significant financial losses following an accident. Taking the necessary steps to make sure your car is safe to drive can go a long way in preventing future accidents.

Regularly Check Car Fluids

Many car fluids, including the oil level, need to be periodically checked to make sure they remain at the proper levels. Other vehicle fluids, such as windshield wiper solution and air conditioner fluid, need to be replaced regularly.

Power steering fluid can become contaminated if not replaced every 18 to 24 months. Brake fluid should be topped and flushed out after driving around 36,000 miles. Failure to properly maintain brakes has led to almost 300,000 motor vehicle accidents each year.

Determine the Source of Leaks

A fluid leak underneath a motor vehicle is often a sign of a safety problem. Although some leaks, such as air conditioner water, are not dangerous, other leaking fluids can be a serious safety risk.

Leaks involving motor oil, gasoline, transmission or brake fluids should be addressed as soon as possible. If you cannot determine the source of the leak yourself, take your car to a gas station or auto repair shop for assistance in finding the source of the leaking fluid.

Perform Proper Tire Maintenance

Given their constant contact with roadways, the wear and tear that develops on tires is no surprise. Bald tires, tires with uneven wear, and punctured tires pose serious safety risks. Drivers should perform proper tire maintenance, including the periodic inspection of tires. Tires are commonly replaced after every 50,000 miles and should be rotated every 5,000 miles.

Make Sure Lights and Turn Signals are Working Properly

Drivers should make the inspection of car lights and turn signals a regular occurrence. Properly functioning headlights, tail lights, high beam lights, and brake lights can prevent accidents. This equipment should be checked for cracks and debris or dirt that could impede their functionality.

Headlights need to be properly aligned at all times, for the safety of the driver as well as drivers in the opposite direction lanes. Both left and right turn signals should be examined to make sure the driver can properly notify other drivers of upcoming turns.

Inspect Seatbelts and Car Seats

Both seatbelts and car seats have been proven to make cars safer. To be effective, any type of car restraint system, including children’s car seats or booster seats, must be used for even short distance car trips. Child restraining systems should be properly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Since seatbelts and car seats can become ineffective with too much wear and tear, they should be included in regular car inspections.

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