Avoiding Truck Accidents During the Holidays

December 7, 2018

Delaware County Truck Accident Lawyers discuss avoiding holiday truck accidents. Although parking lots at shopping malls are packed with cars during the holiday season, many people have turned to shopping online for gifts and supplies. This translates into more delivery trucks on the roads throughout December. They are on all the roads and highways, and these increasing numbers lead to more truck accidents during the holidays.

In 2017, American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates put the number of people traveling over Thanksgiving weekend at 46 million. Then, traffic stays at increased levels until after New Years’, and is compounded by the concerns of intoxicated drivers sharing the roads.

What can drivers do to reduce the risk of becoming involved in a truck accident this holiday season?

Plan to Drive Safely

Instead of just hopping into the car, drivers need to take time to plan their route and driving behaviors. Weather is an important factor; if the roads are slippery or visibility is poor, this must be taken into consideration. Allowing extra time to reach the destination and studying the route on a GPS before leaving are key.

It is also essential to wear a seatbelt, as this reduces the occurrences of fatal crash injuries by as much as 45 percent.

Maintaining safe driving speeds during the trip goes a long way towards accident prevention. It is easy to get caught up in holiday stress; but arriving somewhere a few minutes late is better than not arriving at all.

Deciding ahead of time to focus on driving safely, and not to worry about others that drive aggressively, will put drivers in the right mindset.

Watch Out for Trucks

Trucks take up a lot of road space, and they need extra room on all sides. Motorists should always keep their distance, especially since trucks need added room when they come to an abrupt halt. Tailgating should always be avoided.

Trucks can change lanes without much notice, so this is another reason to stay out of danger’s way. Many drivers do not understand that trucks have larger blind spots than cars. Here is a basic rule: If the motorist cannot see the truck driver’s face in their mirror, the truck driver cannot see the motorist.

It is also essential to never cut off a large truck. Passing too quickly or too closely is very hazardous, since they need that longer stopping distance. Cutting one off can easily cause a collision.

To pass carefully, motorists should wait until there is not a lot of traffic around. Passing on a narrow shoulder, a bridge, or in a construction area is not recommended.

Most truck drivers are safety-minded professionals, and they are entitled to the same courtesies as all motorists. Being polite to truck drivers, especially during the holidays, can derail stress and make the roads safer for everyone.

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