What if I Slip and Fall at a Restaurant?

February 14, 2019

Media Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers weigh in on restaurant slip and fall accidents. Though most people do not think about getting hurt when they are out eating dinner, accidents do happen. Restaurants are public places, and tend to be filled with people throughout the day. Busy servers, impatient patrons, and other factors can lead to unsafe conditions that people might not even think about.

Slip and fall accidents can happen at home, work, or anywhere that people are moving around. Restaurants have certain dynamics that can increase this risk. If a greasy or wet spill is not cleaned up properly, floors and surfaces may become slippery. Also, most eateries have narrow paths between the chairs and tables, making it harder to keep one’s balance.

Keeping Restaurants Safe

Restaurant owners and employees have certain responsibilities for keeping their guests safe. If there is a spill, it should be attended to right away. If there is a cleanup delay, warning signs should be placed. When there is debris on the floor, it should be cleared up as soon as possible.

All personnel should be well-trained in hazard prevention, cleanup protocols, and promoting guest safety.

After a Fall

Any restaurant patron that falls should try to assess their situation. If it seems serious, it is best not to move, and ask for medical help. Even if someone offers a hand, this could worsen an injury; waiting for a professional is better. The injured person should also request that a manager come to the scene.

At this point, a report of the incident should be written, and the victim should keep a copy.

It can also be helpful to document the accident scene before exiting the restaurant. This includes taking photographs of floors, injuries, even the shoes that the person was wearing. These can help prove that the restaurant was negligent, so taking as many photos as possible is a good idea.

Even if the injury does not seem severe, seeking medical attention is essential. Many symptoms will not show up until time has passed, and then the injury may become more difficult to treat. For the best outcome, injured persons should see a physician as soon as possible.

Restaurant Liability

There are several ways to prove fault in these types of cases. One is for the plaintiff to show that the restaurant, or one of its employees, caused a surface to be hazardous. Or it must be proven that the restaurant knew about the hazard but did not take action to fix it.

Some restaurant slip and fall injury cases may claim that the restaurant knew of the hazard, but did not have the common sense to address it. This is based on the notion that a “reasonable” person should have known that the problem existed, and therefore was responsible.

All restaurants must follow safety standards; yet many times the owners and staff are negligent.

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