Do Not Compare Your Divorce to Others

June 19, 2019

Going through a divorce can take its toll on anyone. Divorce is a major life change and it is normal to worry about what people will think. However, it is important to avoid comparing your divorce to someone else’s. If you or someone you know is going through a divorce, it is normal to feel insecure, but it is important to know that feelings of insecurity will not last forever.

Comparing your divorce to another person’s is a bad idea for many reasons. Everyone’s relationship is different. Your relationship may have lasted longer or shorter than someone else’s, or your relationship may have had more of a negative effect on you than a positive one. Comparing your relationship may make the other person feel as though their relationship was less valuable than yours. Everyone grieves differently, and it is unfair for a person to say that their grief is more than someone else’s.

What Can I Focus On?

Instead of comparing your divorce, it is better to focus on trusting your divorce attorney. You should be able to communicate with your attorney about every aspect of the divorce process. If you do not understand something, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is also important to be educated on your state’s divorce laws and how they affect you. Steer clear of talking to other divorced people about their settlements. If you discuss divorce settlements, you may find that other divorcees may have gotten more out of their divorce than you are getting out of yours, which can seem unfair.

You should also avoid focusing on your ex-spouse. The fact that your ex-spouse seems to be moving on may not be what it seems. They may still miss aspects of the relationship the two of you shared. Everyone moves on at their own pace and your focus should be on your wellbeing.

After the Divorce

It can be difficult to acclimate to the single life, especially if you were married for many years. Getting used to making decisions for yourself instead of decisions for both you and your ex-spouse can be difficult, but it will get easier with time. Although divorce can be hard, it is also an opportunity to start over new.

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