SUV Slams into SEPTA Bus in Philadelphia Injuring Multiple Victims

September 4, 2019

An SUV in pursuit by the police slammed into a SEPTA bus in Philadelphia, leaving multiple victims with injuries. Around 9:40 pm on Tuesday night, the police chased an SUV occupied by three teenagers who allegedly assaulted a worker from the King of Prussia Mall and stole her car. The SUV containing the suspects crashed into a SEPTA bus at the intersection of Spring Garden Street and North 37th Street in the Mantua neighborhood of the city. The three suspects sustained injuries in the bus accident and received medical treatment at local hospitals while six passengers and the driver from the SEPTA bus incurred minor injuries.

Accidents involving large vehicles such as buses may yield serious injuries or even fatalities for victims. Due to the top-heavy construction of a bus, there is an increased risk of rollover accidents, which puts passengers in significant danger. Injuries may also stem from the lack of safety features contained on a bus including air bags or adequate seat belts.

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