Will School Bus Cameras Reduce Unlawful Passing?

November 11, 2019

School buses are transporting students to school throughout the year. This method of transportation is considered relatively safe. However, drivers who unlawfully pass school buses put student safety in jeopardy. States are acting against drivers who practice this negligent behavior by using school bus cameras. State representatives are hopeful that the camera installations will encourage drivers to practice caution and put student safety first.

Acting Against Unlawful Passing

 New York is one state acting against unlawful passing. Representatives in the state Senate and Assembly agreed upon a bill that allows school buses to install external cameras. The goal of this bill is to identify drivers unlawfully passing school buses. This rule is already practiced in a multitude of states across the United States, including Pennsylvania.

The bill will hold reckless drivers accountable by distributing fines to those who violate the law. Those who are caught on camera unlawfully passing a bus will obtain a fine of $250 for a first offense. The fine is raised for second and third offenses. Current laws punish drivers with fines, jail time, and points on their license. However, drivers are not always caught violating this rule. Similarly, the slow nature of school buses influences drivers to practice negligent or reckless behaviors. Reckless driving behavior includes texting while driving, tailgating, or speeding. Experts hope that the installation of school bus cameras encourages drivers to practice caution while behind the wheel.

Dangers of Passing School Buses

School buses are considered the safest method of travel for a student. In fact, buses are only responsible for one to two percent of student traffic-related fatalities. However, this risk is magnified when students enter and exit the bus. This is partially attributed to drivers unlawfully passing buses. Sometimes the driver is ignorant to traffic laws regarding stopped school buses. Other times, they are acting recklessly due to impatience or frustration. Regardless of the reason, this action puts students in danger. The installation of school bus cameras is one method to making roads safer. State representatives have an important duty to eliminate traffic-related fatalities.

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