What is my Personal Injury Worth?

February 6, 2020

After being hurt in an accident, whether it is a slip and fall accident or a car accident, people often wonder what their claims are worth. Publications often focus and highlight multimillion-dollar settlements, but most victims realize they will likely receive significantly less compensation.

In general, no personal injury lawyer can say with certainty what an injury is worth, especially right after the accident occurs. After a little investigation into the scope and particulars of the incident that caused the injury, the attorney can safely come up with an approximation. Normally, lawyers take a few aspects of the case into account to determine a reasonable estimate of the ultimate worth of the lawsuit.

Easily Documented Damages

Few people would go through the trouble to pursue a personal injury claim for minor injuries. Most individuals seek compensation when they have suffered serious injuries that required medical treatment. Such treatment could include doctor’s visits, trips to the ER, physical and occupational therapy sessions, and surgical procedures.

Each of these billable items can easily be tracked by collecting and charting invoices. If healthcare visits were necessary, then the medical bills would typically be covered or partially covered.

Other damages that have specific amounts include property damages and lost wages due to recovery time. Again, these amounts will be added to a running tally to propose an acceptable settlement.

Harder to Prove Damages

Of course, not all damages are associated with physical bills. Loss of earning capacity, emotional trauma, loss of time with family members, and the inability to continue loved hobbies all can be impacted from an accident. So, what about these types of damages?

Pain and suffering damages are more difficult to assess because they are so personal and subjective. An injury attorney will look through other cases to determine a figure that aligns with the damages. The goal will be to try to figure out how much those damages are worth in terms of someone’s well-being and preferred lifestyle.

Punitive Damages

Beyond bills and pain and suffering damages, a court might apply punitive damages to the case. Punitive damages are not meant to make the victim emotionally sound or make the victim repay out-of-pocket expenses. Instead, they are designed to punish the at-fault party, such as a reckless, intoxicated driving, or a negligence. Punitive damages can increase the total tally of all damages, although states typically cap punitive damages.

Considerations About All Personal Injury Damages

Every personal injury case has unique elements. Sometimes, the victim is partly responsible for the injury. Other times, the at-fault party may have no insurance or assets, making recovering money difficult. Too often, victims resist seeking medical attention until days or weeks after the incident, which can dilute their assertion that the accident caused a condition. Also, personal injury claims and lawsuits must be filed within strict deadlines. For this reason, anyone experiencing an injury at the hands of someone else should contact an attorney quickly to confidentially discuss options, preserve evidence, and ensure the most reasonable outcome.

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