Divorce Considerations for 2020 and Beyond

February 24, 2020

For some couples, the year of 2020 will not just mark the turn of a new decade, it will be the year they start their divorce proceedings. Although many aspects of getting a divorce stay the same from year to year, others tend to shift with times and regulations. For that reason, anyone contemplating a legal separation in 2020 should take time to consider the new and updated realities of modern divorce.

Cryptocurrency in Divorce

With the advent of cryptocurrency, many divorcing spouses share or individually own cryptocurrency. However, divvying up cryptocurrency can be complicated; cryptocurrency is easily hidden. Consequently, a divorcing spouse may attempt to shield assets by putting money into cryptocurrency. Contemporary divorce lawyers have learned to ask about cryptocurrency, just in case. It is expected to become more significant in divorces beyond 2020, especially if bitcoin grows from a small to a larger trend.

Mediation Helps Reduce Costs

Everyone knows that divorces can become expensive, and legal fees will naturally rise from year to year. Typically, the more contentious the divorce, the more money it costs to litigate. To bypass these factors and save more money, many couples focus on divorce mediation instead of litigation. Mediation sessions give everyone an opportunity to find a solution for a less costly and more positive outcome. Studies suggest that children greatly benefit when divorcing parents can work together with professional mediators.

Same-Sex Divorces

Several years ago, some states accepted legal same-sex marriages. Nowadays, some same-sex couple states are deciding to eliminate this law. Yet, same-sex divorce can be more complicated, particularly when kids are involved. Though the basics of divorce still apply, many same-sex couples usually seek out specific lawyers that will assist them with their unique needs.

Couple’s Pets and Divorce

Couples are choosing to have fewer children, compared to years ago when it was common to have more than one or two kids. Nowadays, it is becoming more common for couples to seek pets over children. When these couples divorce, they may find themselves in a difficult situation when deciding on who gets custody of their pet or pets. Though this may seem like an unimportant matter to an outsider, it is extremely important to certain divorcing parties. Therefore, family law attorneys are finding more ways to ensure that divorced spouses can still interact and spend time with their beloved pets.

Trend of Cohabitation

Due to an upswing in cohabitation before marriage, divorce rates have steadily dropped. Cohabitation makes it easier for couples to split because they have fewer legal constraints. This means that many people find it easier to end relationships if they are not legally married. Nonetheless, some people still seek family law attorneys to help them navigate separation, including bank accounts, child custody, child support, and other issues that arise when couples split. Even without a marriage license, two people who have made a life together frequently have the same concerns as married couples do when they separate.

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