Advocate for Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 22, 2020

May is an exciting time of year. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming and more time is spent outside. May is also Motorcycle Awareness Month, and a time to remind all motorists to be safe on the roads.

Once the nice weather begins, motorcyclists’ dust off their bikes and use them as their spring and summer transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can happen to bikers if motorcyclists and other vehicles are not careful.

Motorcycles are not the main form of transportation for many people, making them a rare sight while driving. As a result, many drivers are not used to sharing the road with motorcyclists and do not know how to use proper safety precautions.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident be Prevented?

Although not all accidents involving motorcycles are preventable, drivers and bikers can follow certain safety steps to help avoid accidents and injuries. Some safety steps include:

  • Wearing proper gear: A helmet is an extremely important piece of protective equipment that a biker can wear. Helmets help prevent serious injuries or death from occurring during an accident.
  • Choosing the right bike: Many people who decide to buy a motorcycle do not end up buying the right one for their build or skill level. A bigger bike is not always the safest. Choose a bike that fits you and is easy for you to drive.
  • Motorcycle safety courses: All new riders should take a motorcycle safety course to understand the rules of the road and how to stay safe while driving. More experienced riders should take refresher courses to stay up to date on new motorcycle rules and regulations.
  • Being courteous to other drivers: Always avoid weaving in and out of lanes and do not speed. The safer you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident.
  • Checking your bike before every ride: Before you start up your engine, there are many things you should check before leaving. Ensure that your motorcycle’s tire pressure is at an adequate level. Also, make sure to check the bike’s brakes, headlights, signals, and fluid levels. You do not want to break down in the middle of your trip for something that can be avoided.
  • Driving sober: This rule is one that all motorists should obey. Never drive after imbibing alcohol or drugs. These substances negatively impact your judgement and can lead to bad decisions while driving.

How Can Other Drivers Practice Safety Around Motorcycles?

All drivers need to be aware of motorcycles and need to practice safety protocols to keep everyone safe:

  • Allow greater following distance behind a motorcycle
  • Apply extra caution at intersections
  • Never share a lane with a motorcycle
  • Report dangerous behavior to authorities

Safe driving from all motorists will help lower the amount of accidents that occur and keep our roadways safe. National Motorcycle Awareness Month is a great opportunity to learn more on how to drive safely and how to properly share the road with all vehicles.

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