Do Rumble Strips Prevent Car Accidents?

April 22, 2021
Rumble Strips

When a driver moves too closely to the shoulder of the road, they may encounter a rumble strip. Rumble strips are indents on the roads that are meant to give a warning to drivers that they are no longer in their lane. Those who drive over a rumble strip will experience a loud sound and a shaking feeling in their car. This ultimately alerts the driver to pay attention to the road. 

Rumble strips help reduce car accidents by giving drivers a warning that they are driving too far off the road. This is especially important in preventing accidents that are linked to distracted or drowsy driving. A distracted driver who encounters a rumble strip will be alerted to pay attention to the road. A drowsy driver will likely be woken up from the rumble strip.

Steps to Take After Car Accident

Those who just got in a car accident may find it difficult to not panic. However, there are some steps a victim can take to ensure that they prevail in their legal endeavors. Immediately after an accident occurs, the victim should first ensure that both themselves and the other driver are not injured. However, victims should always get checked out by a doctor after leaving the scene of the accident, even if they do not find any injuries in the moment. If there are no immediate or obvious injuries, they should begin to document the accident.

After calling the police, the victim should begin to take steps to document the accident. This helps to ensure that they have evidence to back up their personal injury case. Some ways to document the accident are to take photographs of the car damage and the scene of the accident, get a copy of the police report, and get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Collecting this evidence puts the victim closer to receiving their entitled compensation.

The victim should also write down exactly what happened. They should include details, such as the time, date, and location of the accident, the location on the road where the accident occurred, and what the other car was doing when the accident happened.

Next, the victim should reach out to their car insurance company after the accident. This step is crucial because many car insurance companies have a time limit on when to notify them of anything that could impact one’s coverage. Notifying the car insurance company helps to ensure that the victim receives coverage for the accident. They will also ask the victim questions about the accident in order to investigate who is at fault.

Should I Seek Legal Recourse?

A victim should also consider reaching out to a car accident lawyer. A lawyer can help to keep track of the losses that the victim has endured, including the expenses for medical treatments, lost wages, and vehicular damage. They can also ensure that the victim receives a fair settlement offer. Many insurance companies give low settlement offers to naive victims. A lawyer will help to ensure that all of the victim’s losses are covered.

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