What Are Common Driver Distractions?

May 16, 2022
Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Can Help You After a Distracted Driving Accident.

Distracted driving killed 3,142 Americans in 2020, based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. Driving requires an individual’s full attention to ensure safety for everyone on the road. Distracted driving is any non-driving activity a person engages in that takes their attention away from the road.

While it is evident that driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is dangerous, distracted driving is just as serious. The driver’s ability to focus on the road and identify hazards also decreases while they are distracted.

In Pennsylvania alone, distracted driving caused 47 fatalities in 2020, according to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). According to a Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study, texting while driving makes a driver 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident.

Common driver distractions include:

  • Eating while driving.
  • Reading while driving.
  • Talking to passengers while driving.
  • Adjusting the radio while driving.
  • Staring outside the vehicle while driving.
  • Restless pets inside the vehicle.
  • Drowsiness/fatigue.

These distractions are just as dangerous as those caused by cellphones and texting. They divert the driver’s attention from what is happening on the road ahead.

What Are the Consequences of Distracted Driving?

Car accidents caused by distracted driving can lead to injuries and even death. If you have been in a car accident and you think the other driver was distracted, you may be able to take legal action with the help of a lawyer.

First, it is essential to understand how to prove liability under these circumstances. A lawyer will help establish:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care.
  • The defendant breached this duty by driving while distracted.
  • This breach caused your accident and injuries.
  • You suffered damages.

What Should I Do After a Distracted Driving Accident?

Seek medical attention right away after a car accident. Even if you do not feel injured, get checked out by a doctor immediately after the crash. Injuries related to car accidents may be asymptomatic until several days after the crash.

Contact a lawyer. Your lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights at every stage. A lawyer will gather evidence and build a solid case. Do not accept a settlement without discussing it first with a lawyer. Work with a lawyer who understands case law related to distracted driving car accidents.

If you have been in an accident and someone else is to blame, you may have a personal injury case. The law is designed to ensure that you are put back in the same position before the accident. That means you may be able to get compensation for your injuries and any losses you have suffered. If an accident has had a significant impact on your life, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Can Help You After a Distracted Driving Accident

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