Why Are Head-On Collisions Dangerous?

February 13, 2023
Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Assist Those Who Have Been Injured in Head-On Collisions.

Out of all the different types of car accidents, head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous. In a head-on collision, the vehicles that crash are traveling towards each other. As the vehicles crash into each other, they can flip or roll over, causing them to collide with more cars or anything in their path. Head-on collisions account for approximately 10 percent of all driving fatalities, and those who do not die usually suffer severe injuries.

What Are Some Common Injuries Seen in Head-On Collisions?

Some of the serious injuries commonly seen in head-on collisions include the following:

  • Broken bones: In a head-on collision, vehicle occupants often suffer broken legs, arms, collarbones, or ribs. Compound fractures usually require surgery to install pins or screws to hold the bones together while they heal. The driver or front-seat passenger may strike their face hard enough to crush the facial bones and need reconstructive surgery for the eye socket, cheek bones, chin, or jaw bone. Permanent scarring is also common.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The strong downward force of a head-on collision can cause the vertebrae in the spine to crack or the discs to herniate or rupture. Severe damage to the spinal cord can cause partial or full paralysis. Depending on the location and extent of the damage, the torso, legs, or all four limbs could be affected. The injured person may require medical care for the rest of their life.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: The impact of a head-on collision can be great enough to fracture the skull and cause a concussion or other serious brain injury. According to the CDC, traumatic brain injuries can have long-term effects that impact all aspects of a person’s life.
  • Internal organ damage: Wearing a seat belt during a head-on collision can be lifesaving but can also cause blunt force trauma to the chest area and the organs housed under the ribcage. The liver, spleen, and kidneys can be severely damaged.
  • Whiplash: This common car accident injury occurs when the impact of a crash causes the neck to suddenly extend and flex, damaging the soft tissues and the joints between the neck, vertebrae, discs, muscles, ligaments, and nerve roots. Severe whiplash can cause chronic headaches and pain, and symptoms of whiplash can range from stiffness to memory loss, fatigue, and anxiety.

Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Assist Those Who Have Been Injured in Head-On Collisions

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