Should I Tell My Child’s School About My Divorce?

September 19, 2023
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Explaining your divorce is not usually a pleasant task. However, it is essential to inform your child’s school. Changing the emergency contact information might be necessary, depending on the custody status. Telling the school about the divorce is usually best because the staff can be aware of the situation and let you know if they notice any issues. Schools also have guidance counselors who may be able to help with your approval.

When Should I Tell the School About My Divorce?

As with other major life changes, information about divorce should be shared with schools sooner rather than later. Even though it can feel embarrassing to share this personal information with staff, it is better than waiting. Remember, school staff members spend much time with your children, and the heads up can help them provide needed support.

What Is the Best Way to Tell the School About the Divorce?

You might be comfortable with an email, but many parents prefer making phone calls or meeting staff members in person. Teachers do not need to know the details, but certain information should be shared:

  • Provide updated contact information for both parents and ensure you receive the same communications about your children’s academics, extracurricular activities, disciplinary actions, and school events.
  • Let the staff know which days the child will spend with each parent, including pickup times if necessary.

Sticking to the facts when telling school staff about a divorce is important because the communications will not be confidential. They will likely need to apprise other teachers and counselors of the situation. It is also wise to discuss telling the school with your ex beforehand. Sending two sets of directions can complicate things and cause unnecessary stress.

Also, remember that school staff members are not mediators – they are not supposed to take sides or make decisions relating to your divorce. Keep things as simple as possible, and keep staff members in the loop if and when issues arise.

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