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Estate Planning Basics

Estate planning is important to everyone and it does not have to be a complex or expensive undertaking. It can be performed all at once or piece by piece over time. The important thing is to avoid inaction because of confusion or misunderstanding. The following is a brief description of the main issues involved in » Read More


What Happens to Your Assets When You Die Without a Will?

Many of us think that creating a will is something that we do when we are older. Others may believe they have nothing substantial to leave behind, therefore a will is pointless. However, these misconceptions can lead to many unfortunate consequences, including the fact that the laws of the state where the deceased resides will » Read More


Choosing Your Executor

Too many people neglect to take care of proper estate planning while they are still of sound mind. Others may not realize that designating an executor for their estate is one of the most important tools for assuring that their final wishes will be carried out. There is a lot more to getting your final » Read More


The Workings of Probate

When a loved one dies, family members are left with the task of handling the financial affairs of the deceased individual, referred to as the decedent. This includes settling debts, paying owed taxes, distributing the decedent’s property, and closing out bank accounts. These activities fall under the legal process called probate. State laws vary with » Read More


Power of Attorney and Siblings

It can be a complicated endeavor to deal with the needs of a parent. Issues like transportation, enabling social interactions to take place, monitoring medication schedules, attending to household tasks, and more will arise. In addition, they may no longer be able to handle paying the bills and other financial matters. The need to step » Read More


Financial Planning Month

Achieving financial goals is more attenable for people that carefully plan out specific steps and put them into action. It is good to save money, but the constant rise in the cost of living necessitates investing, documentation, and tax planning. October is Financial Planning Month, and it is a great time to either get started » Read More


Attorney Matthews Offers Continuing Education on Estate Planning

Recently, Guy F. Matthews, attorney at Eckell Sparks, led the Estate Planning 101 seminar sponsored by the Retirement Prosperity Group. Mr. Matthews offered guidance on wills, trusts, probate, powers of attorney, and more to a standing room only crowd. As part of the event, attendees were offered free consultations on the varied aspects of estate » Read More


Estate Planning and Cryptocurrency

With the rise in popularity and use of cryptocurrency comes the need to include such investments in estate planning. However, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are more secretive in nature than traditional investments, resulting in the need for awareness and creativity on the part of estate planning lawyers. Currently, cryptocurrency exchanges do not require your personal » Read More


Estate Planning Under the New Tax Law

The tax bill passed by Congress in December of last year, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), was the first revamp of the tax code in many years. One of the major changes made was an increase to the exemption amount allowed from estate tax. Prior to bill’s enactment, heirs to an » Read More


Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Even if you believe that you do not have the assets to justify creating a final will and testament, establishing an estate plan can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Not only will it allow you to make informed decisions concerning your assets, but it will allow you to avoid potential » Read More


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