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Ridley Township Car Accident Lawyers

No matter where you live, including Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, the risk of a car accident is always present. Car accidents occur on major highways and small rural streets, and they occur for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why or where it happens, a car accident could impact your life.

Through no fault of your own, you could be looking at a debilitating injury that could cost you your job and force you to have to undergo medical treatment for years. You should not have to suffer financially due to the actions of others, and you have legal options available to you to prevent an accident from causing you significant financial hardship. Working with a Ridley Township car accident lawyer can help.

What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents in Pennsylvania?

Car accidents can happen anywhere. No matter the type of road you are riding, be on the lookout for specific types of behavior from other drivers as well as the current weather conditions. These are the leading causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving: This is a growing problem, no matter where you are driving. Drivers are sometimes too engaged in other activities to pay attention to the road in front of them. They are too busy messing with their radio, their car controls, or something worse, including checking their phone, drinking coffee, or eating. When you do not pay attention to what is in front of you, you will not be able to respond to a stopped car or even a pedestrian that is crossing the street.
  • Aggressive driving: There are those drivers who are in a hurry. In those instances, they will begin to exhibit aggressive driving tactics, including weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating. These actions tend to make other drivers nervous and react poorly. In certain cases, those overreactions are what leads to a car accident.
  • Speeding: This is another form of aggressive driving. When that happens, their reaction time is greatly reduced, meaning they have less time to stop the car in an emergency.
  • Driving under the influence: If you take drugs or drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel of your vehicle, it is not only dangerous, but also illegal as well. When high or drunk, you are unable to process your surroundings as well as you do when you are sober. You fail to react to things in a proper time, and in some cases, you will not even react at all. You are not as observant, meaning could make deadly mistakes such as driving down the wrong way of a one-way street.
  • Negligent driving: Just as with aggressive driving, this type of driving can be more dangerous to others on the road. It occurs by people who are not paying attention to their fellow drivers. They will cut others off when changing lanes. People unaware of this behavior may not have time to react to it and could become involved in a car accident.
  • Road conditions: After a particularly bad storm with rain, snow, or ice, the road can become a slippery mess, making it difficult for you to maintain control of your vehicle. Torrential downpours can temporarily blind you to other drivers, meaning you cannot see your fellow drivers or what they are doing. It is a very dangerous situation that should be avoided if possible.

It is easy to panic when you get into a car accident. You should keep calm and remember to get yourself checked out and gather as much information as possible. You should then speak with a Ridley Township car accident lawyer who can help you.

Filing a Claim for a Pennsylvania Car Accident

You have multiple options for collecting compensation for a car accident, and it does not have to come from filing a claim against the at-fault driver. Pennsylvania affords you the option of being able to file a claim on your insurance and collect certain expenses that you incur due to your accident.

You could also have the option to file a claim against another driver, but it will depend on the severity of your accident as well as the type of insurance you purchased. When you initially buy car insurance in the Commonwealth, your insurance agent is obligated to inform you that you have two options to purchase. Those options include:

  • Limited tort coverage: With this option, you can file a claim with your insurance, and you can receive compensation from your accident through your personal injury protection (PIP) provision. With PIP, you will not need to prove the negligence of another driver. You just must inform your insurance about your accident, and you will receive your compensation. There are limits on what you will receive and the amount you can receive. The expenses you can seek are economic expenses, including medical bills and lost wages. In addition, you are limited from filing a claim against another driver. Only in certain circumstances could you file a claim. Most drivers choose this option because it has cheaper premiums.
  • Full tort coverage: This insurance provides you with the most legal flexibility, as it will allow you to file a claim against another driver for a variety of expenses with no limit. In addition to economic expenses, you can also seek non-economic expenses, including pain and suffering. This is the more expensive of the two options.

Comparative Negligence in Pennsylvania

Another thing to consider is that Pennsylvania follows a modified comparative negligence legal doctrine. This means that each party will be assigned a percentage of fault. If a person is found to be more than 50 percent responsible for an accident, then they will not be able to collect any of the compensation awarded. A claimant’s percentage of fault will be deducted from the overall compensation award as well.

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