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What Happens if I Lose My Job During Divorce?

From March to June of 2020, the number of Americans who filed for unemployment was higher than any time in modern history. As of June 20, 2020, approximately 33 million were receiving unemployment benefits. This kind of financial downturn can only add to the list of stressors that affect separating couples. People often lose their

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Are Professional Degrees Marital Property in Pennsylvania?

The task of dividing up marital property can be complicated, especially when a detail presents itself that had not been considered before. Couples will expect to divide up savings accounts, furniture, and items they purchased together. There is another factor that some separating spouses will also need to think about, and that is professional degrees

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Should a Stay-at-Home Mom File for Divorce?

Divorces, although difficult, are common. Each year, couples file for a divorce for different reasons. In 2017, approximately 9.5 million single parents in the United States were women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, approximately eight percent of those women were stay-at-home moms. If you are a stay-at-home mom and are looking to

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Uncontested Versus Contested Divorce in Pennsylvania

Divorce is a common fact of life and happens across all ages and demographic groups. In the United States more than 827,000 people divorced in 2016, according to Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) statistics. Divorce falls broadly into two categories, which are based on the level of agreement or disagreement between the divorcing

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When Should You Contact a Divorce Lawyer?

The answer to this question varies with the circumstances of each divorcing couple, and often depends on how willing they are to compromise on matters like the division of assets, alimony, child support, and child custody arrangements. Spouses who end things amicably have more options than those that do not. However, consulting a Chester County

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New Tax Rule May Complicate Efforts to Divorce

Going through a divorce can be extremely challenging. With so much emotion and so many decisions to make, it can often be a recipe for disaster – or at least overwhelm even the most put together individuals. There can be a great deal of contention over distribution of assets, not to mention child custody and

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How Can Social Media Impact Divorce?

Anyone with a smart phone most likely uses one social media site or another. Social media surely has its benefits, helping to connect us to friends and family near and far. It also has its pitfalls. “Oversharing” is a common social media problem – and when it comes to divorce, oversharing can be downright disastrous.

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Overview of Alimony in PA

Alimony is a series of payments that one spouse makes to the other to provide financial support after divorce. Spouses may negotiate a spousal support plan on their own; however, if they cannot come to an agreement, the court may enter a support order if it finds that one spouse owes a duty of support

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New Tax Law Alimony Effects

The new tax law introduces sweeping changes to the American tax code, including the way alimony payments are treated. For 75 years, the system enabled those paying alimony to deduct the payments from their taxable income. Beginning in 2019, that will no longer be the case. At present, the alimony deduction saves both spouses money.

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January Is Divorce Month

According to a recent report, the number of divorce filings is highest between January and March of each year. The rate of filings begins to spike in January, reaching a peak in February and March. It is a fact that given the option, most people choose to wait until after the holidays to institute any

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A Message to Our Customers About Coronavirus COVID-19:

A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19:

We want to assure everyone that during this unprecedented and difficult time, we are still operating and will continue to meet all the legal needs of the residents of the Delaware Valley. While the Governor’s recent orders have restricted the operations of some businesses, Eckell Sparks has deployed a variety of applications and hardware that allows both our attorneys and our support staff to confer with clients remotely, provide consultations to those seeking legal advice, and continue to provide the high level of legal services to our clients as we have always done. For more than 50 years, our Firm has been a force in the Delaware Valley legal community. And by now also leveraging technology, we will continue to do so both during, and after, the current public health emergency.

So, if you need us, we are here. Are you an employer and don’t know what to do under all the new Corona-virus laws being passed in Washington? Were you injured in a car accident either before, or during, the current crisis? Call or email us. We can help. 610-565-3700.

Stay safe out there.