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Child Custody and Fathers

Child custody agreements can be among the more daunting aspects of undergoing a divorce. For men with children, there are many questions about how child custody is viewed by the legal system. In the past, child custody was traditionally awarded to the mother, but today, that assumption has begun to change. The general rule used » Read More


Custody Battles Impact Families

A bitter divorce can be the result of many factors, and it is easy for the spouses to lose sight of the big picture. Constant arguing, financial worries, and inconsistent behaviors can affect their loved ones, especially when children are in the picture. Children of divorcing couples can get caught in the middle when a » Read More


Thanksgiving After Divorce

Holidays can bring both joys and stress in the best of times, but the first Thanksgiving after a divorce is far more complicated. Divorce is a life-altering experience, and adapting around the holidays during the first year is key to making it as smooth as possible for the children. Thanksgiving usually means that for one » Read More


How Can Social Media Impact Divorce?

Anyone with a smart phone most likely uses one social media site or another. Social media surely has its benefits, helping to connect us to friends and family near and far. It also has its pitfalls. “Oversharing” is a common social media problem – and when it comes to divorce, oversharing can be downright disastrous. » Read More


Grandparents Child Custody Legislation

There are many reasons why some parents are unable to care for their child or children, either temporarily or on a permanent basis. In many of these situations, grandparents will step in to raise the child. In Pennsylvania, where there is an opioid epidemic, grandparent child custody is becoming increasingly common. Unfortunately, the current laws » Read More


Modifying a Parenting Plan

Over time, a family’s situation is likely to change — you or your former spouse may get a better job, lose their job, have a desire to relocate, any number of things can occur. If you are divorced and have a parenting plan in place, know that it is not set in stone. However, there » Read More


Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Co-parenting during any time of the year can be challenging, but the holidays present even more scheduling hurdles. Advance planning and thoughtful consideration from all parties involved can make the season less stressful for everyone. Above all, put the children’s needs first and try to keep emotion out of the equation. Make a Plan The » Read More


Grandparents’ Rights in Pennsylvania

Divorce can be very complicated, particularly when there are children involved. One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce settlement is deciding on a custody arrangement, as it can be difficult to come to a consensus. The rights and responsibilities of the parents may only be part of the equation. Other family members, such » Read More


Child Relocation and Custody Modification

Child relocation and custody order modification are among the most common issues discussed by family law attorneys. Several notable cases have reached the state Superior Court. One recent case provides important insight regarding both matters. The case involved a couple who had two children during the course of their marriage. Upon separating, the father filed » Read More