Pennsylvania Drivers Are Some of The Rudest

July 26, 2017

Media Car Accident Lawyers: Pennsylvania Drivers Are Some of The RudestA recent campaign called “Drive Human,” conducted by K­ars4kids, determined that Pennsylvania drivers are among the rudest in the nation. Pennsylvania ranked 42 out of 50 states in various poor driving categories, such as failing to properly merge and tailgating. The survey asked drivers from across the country a variety of questions relating to their driving habits. Pennsylvania scored lowest on the usage of turn signals and failure to properly merge, but fared slightly better in curbing aggression. The survey concluded that while Pennsylvania drivers would be pleasant towards slow drivers, they also would not hesitate to cut off a vehicle in their way.

Pennsylvanians Agree

The survey also highlighted how highway encounters, such as tailgating or cutting another car off, could lead to dangerous situations. Upper Macungie Township Police Chief, Edgardo Colon, claims there have been 16 road rage incidents in the past year. Upper Macungie is one of the highest traffic areas in Lehigh Valley, where 7,300 trucks pass through each day. Colon says the confluence of slow trucks and traffic can cause frustration, and a rude gesture could escalate into a confrontation quickly. Many would agree that Pennsylvanians frequently cut off other drivers and are poor at merging. Colon urges drivers to slow down and give themselves extra time to get to their destinations. Agitation with traffic or delays from construction lead to road aggression, which can compromise safety.

Over the past 15 years, there has been a decline in overall safe driving habits due to the increase of cell phone usage at the wheel. Motorists are also driving faster, according to Bethlehem councilman, Bryan Callahan. Callahan runs a driving school and focuses on teaching his students the importance of proper merging and safe driving. He hopes this will help reduce the number of accidents from distracted or aggressive driving.

Kars4kids created a courteous driving video which hilariously portrays what poor driving would look like in real world scenarios. They teamed up with driving schools around the country for their “Drive Human” campaign, created to remind drivers that they share the road with people, not just cars. The intent is to encourage people to drive slower and safer.

Not only can aggressive driving lead to hostile situations, but it is also cause for many accidents. Collisions can lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Accidents can be traumatizing to victims and their families. In some cases, injuries can prevent the victim from working and loss of income will put significant strain on their finances. Victims also face a slew of medical bills and insurance deductibles for repairs. Know your rights as a driver if you are in an accident.

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