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What is Orphans’ Court Litigation?

The Orphans’ Court may evoke images of small, parentless children who are turning to the legal system for protection. While the roots of the name do come from its history of protecting the legal rights of widows and orphans, the court as it exists today deals with matters of estate law, such as conflicts related

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Estate Planning FAQs

The topic of estate planning confuses many people. From understanding the definition of an estate plan to figuring out how an estate plan protects wealth, would-be clients often present our estate lawyers with wide-ranging questions during initial consultations. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding estate planning and how it affects individuals

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Contesting a Will

Not receiving the inheritance you anticipated from a loved one can be devastating. Unfortunately, trying to overturn the wishes of the deceased is not an easy task. Determining whether to contest a loved one’s will can be a difficult decision for many individuals. Understanding what happens during a will dispute can help individuals make easier

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Pennsylvania Probate Guide

Probate is the process used to determine how a deceased person’s assets will be distributed. If the decedent’s will names an executor, that person will oversee the process. If not, it is managed in probate court. Probate is one of several different ways an individual can pass their assets on to surviving loved ones; it

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Estate Planning and Family Dynamics

For many individuals in the process of estate planning, the decisions related to the distribution of assets or the creation of a trust can be made relatively easily. What often complicates matters is the unique family dynamics that can bring undue stress into the situation. This can be especially true in cases of blended families

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The Workings of Probate

When a loved one dies, family members are left with the task of handling the financial affairs of the deceased individual, referred to as the decedent. This includes settling debts, paying owed taxes, distributing the decedent’s property, and closing out bank accounts. These activities fall under the legal process called probate. State laws vary with

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Attorney Matthews Offers Continuing Education on Estate Planning

Recently, Guy F. Matthews, attorney at Eckell Sparks, led the Estate Planning 101 seminar sponsored by the Retirement Prosperity Group. Mr. Matthews offered guidance on wills, trusts, probate, powers of attorney, and more to a standing room only crowd. As part of the event, attendees were offered free consultations on the varied aspects of estate

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Estate Planning and Cryptocurrency

With the rise in popularity and use of cryptocurrency comes the need to include such investments in estate planning. However, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are more secretive in nature than traditional investments, resulting in the need for awareness and creativity on the part of estate planning lawyers. Currently, cryptocurrency exchanges do not require your personal

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Avoid Probate Mistakes

Probate is the legal process that takes place to determine the validity of a deceased person’s will and how that person’s assets will be distributed. Estate administration and planning can be a complicated process and sometimes people make mistakes. For this reason, it is critical to hire an experienced and reputable wills and estates lawyer.

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A Message to Our Customers About Coronavirus COVID-19:

A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19:

We want to assure everyone that during this unprecedented and difficult time, we are still operating and will continue to meet all the legal needs of the residents of the Delaware Valley. While the Governor’s recent orders have restricted the operations of some businesses, Eckell Sparks has deployed a variety of applications and hardware that allows both our attorneys and our support staff to confer with clients remotely, provide consultations to those seeking legal advice, and continue to provide the high level of legal services to our clients as we have always done. For more than 50 years, our Firm has been a force in the Delaware Valley legal community. And by now also leveraging technology, we will continue to do so both during, and after, the current public health emergency.

So, if you need us, we are here. Are you an employer and don’t know what to do under all the new Corona-virus laws being passed in Washington? Were you injured in a car accident either before, or during, the current crisis? Call or email us. We can help. 610-565-3700.

Stay safe out there.