King of Prussia Multi-Vehicle Accident Involved Police Car

March 23, 2018

King of Prussia Multi-Vehicle Accident Involved Police CarOn Thursday evening, a multi-vehicle accident took place in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and involved a police car and about five other vehicles. Around 5:45 pm, the multi-vehicle crash occurred on Route 202 and Henderson Road when a driver who was suffering from a medical emergency rear-ended a police car that was stopped at a red light. The initial collision prompted the multi-vehicle accident, which resulted in personal injuries for two victims who were taken to the Paoli Hospital. The police officer incurred no injuries during the crash.

Multi-vehicle accidents may stem from one crash and multiply into several collisions, which may result in a spate of injuries or even fatalities for car occupants, due to contributing factors. In some cases, other drivers may fail to use caution when driving near the accident site or may unexpectedly engage in a crash that they may not be able to avoid. Sometimes, distracted driving or speeding play a part in the additional accidents that may occur.

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