Trucks Damage Bridges Causing Accidents

March 23, 2018

West Chester Truck Accident Lawyers discuss how damaged bridges from trucks can cause accidents and injuries. The Philadelphia area is no stranger to bad traffic, but the advent of GPS apps has added another twist to the litany of traffic problems here – trucks crashing into bridges in the surrounding suburbs injuring people and snarling traffic for miles around.

Most GPS apps plot a route without taking into consideration the height of bridges along the way. That is because they are designed with cars in mind that will have no problem accessing the route. However, trucks are a different story and many of them cannot pass under local railroad bridges and suburban overpasses because of their height. Often, by the time the driver realizes he cannot clear the bridge it is too late.

There are apps designed especially with truck drivers in mind, but there is a cost involved. Traditional GPS apps like Waze are free. The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association is working to address the problem of an increased reliance on GPS apps, but PMTA President Kevin Stewart says there is not much more they can do other than continue to urge drivers to invest in GPS systems made specifically for bus and truck drivers.

Truck Accidents and Traffic Delays

A recent survey found that truck accidents with bridges affected people across Delaware, Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties in communities like Radnor, Phoenixville, Feasterville, and West Chester. A bridge in Phoenixville has had 15 incidents in three years. Each time residents have been rerouted around the bridge for months and suffered backed-up traffic throughout the borough area. In Radnor, there is a bridge on King of Prussia Road that has been declared a “continuing safety hazard” by the township. In the last decade it has been struck by trucks at least 43 times.

One railroad bridge in Whitemarsh Township was the scene of two fatalities when a truck hit it and crushed a car and its occupants. The bridge was a known problem for decades, sometimes being struck more than once a month until finally in 2016 Norfolk Southern raised the bridge by almost two feet. For the occupants of passenger vehicles who do not perish in a truck accident, injuries can be catastrophic and life changing.

Besides raising bridges, other solutions for suburban bridges include lowering the roadway underneath and installing sensor detection systems in front of overpasses. In the case of railroad bridges, there is a question of who pays for the improvements – the railroad or the township? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is pushing for truck drivers to use specialized GPS to prevent further accidents and continues to warn against the dangers of distracted driving.

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