Construction Zone Truck Accidents

May 10, 2018

Media Truck Accident Lawyers discuss truck accidents in construction zones. Highway construction zones are a high-risk area for everybody, but especially for big trucks. The sheer size and weight of a truck makes for slower reaction times and increases the need for stopping distance compared to smaller vehicles. All of these issues become amplified in the confined lanes of a construction zone, leading to a higher risk of accidents. Truck accidents can leave drivers and occupants of passenger vehicles with catastrophic injuries and even be fatal.

Causes of Construction Zone Accidents

There are many reasons why accidents occur in construction zones, including:

Speeding – Anyone speeding in a construction zone is putting everyone around them, including construction workers, at great risk for accidents and injuries. There is a reason for the slower speeds posted at construction sites, as well as the doubled fines associated with speeding tickets in construction zones. Slower speeds allow drivers to be more aware of the temporary circumstances around them and make adjustments, as well as watch for any workers who may be just a few feet away from traffic.

Merges – Often there are lane closures at construction zones to allow room for workers and their equipment, and therefore traffic must merge beforehand. Those who do not adjust their speed to merge, or who speed to the end of the merging area and then try to slip into the lane, make it difficult for large trucks to merge safely.

Inadequate or Disregarded Signage – Signs are crucial to alerting drivers to the upcoming changes in traffic patterns necessary for construction. Inadequate or confusing signage can cause accidents as can drivers who disregard the directions posted on signs. Truck drivers have little room for error in the often-narrower lanes of a construction zone. They may be unable to avoid an accident caused by a driver who does not obey posted signage.

Unexpected Stops – Construction zones can cause traffic to back up or construction workers may stop traffic altogether to allow a construction vehicle to back up or leave the construction area. Whatever the reason, drivers who have not left enough space to the vehicle in front of them or who are speeding will not be able to stop in these situations. Distracted drivers may not be traveling too fast, but may not notice traffic has stopped while they are engrossed in their cell phones.

Compensation in Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents are complex because liability can encompass multiple parties such as the driver, the owner of the truck, and the trucking company. If the truck had faulty brakes or tires, a manufacturer may be liable. Those seeking compensation for injuries suffered in a truck accident are often up against insurance companies with teams of lawyers looking to shift blame away from their client. Victims of truck accidents are well advised to seek the counsel of a qualified personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of successfully handling accident claims.

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