Summertime Slip and Falls

July 25, 2018

Delaware County Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers discuss summertimeslip and falls. Nothing can ruin summer fun like an unexpected injury caused by a slip and fall accident. Yet, every year, over one million people visit hospital emergency rooms to deal with the aftermath of a slip and fall, with many of these accidents occurring during the summer months.

Summer weather can increase the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. When individuals are severely overheated and dehydrated, dizziness or loss of balance may result in slip and falls. Staying hydrated, especially when working or playing outside, is one of the best ways to avoid summertime slip and falls.

Be Mindful of Surface Types

Summertime slip and falls occur on every type of surface, even those that appear to be dry and slip resistant. Some of the most common locations for these accidents include beach barbeque pits, park trails used by runners or walkers, outside patio areas, bicycle routes, swimming pool areas, golf courses, and other resort areas. To avoid accidents, always be aware of changes in commonly visited outdoor spaces, particularly after heavy rain and thunderstorms, which can result in flooded areas, excessive mud, and downed branches or trees.

When participating in any outdoor water activity, the potential for slipping or falling on a wet surface exists. Swimming pool decks, tiled pool changing rooms and bathrooms, other wet floors, and fishing or boating docks should always be examined for excessive water to avoid slip and falls. Areas affected by summer sprinkler systems also pose higher safety risks. Wearing proper footwear in these highly trafficked areas is another important preventative step. Sandals and flip flops may not provide the slip resistance needed in these frequently wet locations.

Tripping Obstacles

Tripping obstacles are another source of potential harm during the summer months. Children are more likely to use their skateboards, scooters, bicycles, and other toys outside, creating unforeseen obstacles. Extension cords running to outdoor areas such as patios or decks are another type of tripping obstacle. Many summer slip and falls result from faulty playground equipment. Improperly constructed or maintained slides, swings, rock walls, or jungle gyms create high-risk areas for children who may slip and fall while playing.


Slip and falls often are the result of the improper maintenance of an area. When property owners fail to provide proper lighting along walking paths, remove litter or other debris from their property, fail to remove worn out carpeting or missing floor tiles, or allow wet surfaces to remain without providing appropriate signage, accidents may occur. Property owners and business merchants should repair broken light fixtures, ensure clear walkways, and provide proper caution signs when necessary. Property managers may be found liable for the resulting injuries when they fail to properly maintain and inspect their premises.

Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries that include hip fractures and other broken bones. In many cases, the victim of a slip and fall may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Working with an experienced Delaware County slip and fall accident lawyer is the first step in obtaining compensation for your injuries.

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