How to Share the Road with Motorcycles

August 24, 2018

Media Motorcycle Accident Lawyers discuss sharing the road with motorcycles in order to prevent motorcycle accidents. When warm weather arrives, motorcycle enthusiasts hit the road. While riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, it is also dangerous. Crashes between motorcycles and cars are frequent, and the accident is generally the fault of the automobile driver.

Historically, two-thirds of motorcycle/auto collisions occur because the driver of the car did not yield the right of the way to the motorcycle. When an auto hits a motorcycle, those in the car may not suffer any serious injuries, because they have the protective shell of the vehicle around them, as well as seatbelts and air bags. That’s not the case with the motorcyclist, who often suffers permanent, serious injuries or dies in such accidents.

Avoiding Accidents with Motorcycles

Many collisions between automobiles and motorcycles are avoidable, if car drivers take a few simple precautions.

It is always important to check mirrors, become aware of blind spots, and signal when turning. That also means looking out for motorcycles, especially when turning or making lane changes. Never pass a motorcycle in your lane – treat it as if it were a car. If a motorcycle is passing you, give it some extra distance.

Keep in mind that motorcycle turn signals are manually operated, so it is easy for the motorcyclist to forget to turn it off after making a turn. Always wait to see if a motorcycle will turn if the signal is on.

Be particularly aware of distance when it comes to motorcycles. Motorcycles do not necessarily need to brake when slowing down, so the driver of an automobile may not see brake lights indicating a lower speed.

For motorcyclists, left-hand turns are particularly dangerous, and many accidents occur during this maneuver. A turning car may hit a motorcycle when the cyclist is going straight through an intersection, or if the cyclist is attempting to pass a vehicle.

Other Considerations

Most motor vehicles do not have issues with uneven pavement, for motorcyclists, it is a different story. They are especially vulnerable to holes in the road or debris on the pavement, so take care if you are sharing this type of road with a motorcycle. The same holds true when the weather is inclement, as it takes a motorcycle longer to stop in rainy conditions.

Many motorcycle and automobile collisions occur because the driver of the car does not see the motorcycle. Sometimes, the car is not even moving. Accidents may occur when the car was parked on the street and someone on the driver’s side opens the door without looking, hitting a motorcycle. Simple awareness can prevent a motorcycle/auto collision tragedy.

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