Custody Battles Impact Families

December 6, 2018

Media Family Law Firm weighs in on the emotional toll of custody battles on the family. A bitter divorce can be the result of many factors, and it is easy for the spouses to lose sight of the big picture. Constant arguing, financial worries, and inconsistent behaviors can affect their loved ones, especially when children are in the picture.

Children of divorcing couples can get caught in the middle when a custody battle escalates. With so many intense emotions in the air, the couple can forget to put their children’s needs first.

In worst case situations, the children can become traumatized, feeling the aftereffects for the rest of their lives. Taking a break to step back and assess things objectively can help everyone that is involved.

Conflicts Affect Children

The most important way to protect families during custody disagreements is for the couple to openly communicate with each other and their kids. Even if they are highly emotional, they are still parents, and should separate this from their disagreements as a couple.

If there are heated arguments, constant conflicts, and a lack of proper parenting, children can end up feeling depressed, have trouble at school, and take up dangerous habits like drug and alcohol abuse.

According to the California Cognitive Behavioral Institute (CCBI), children of divorced parents do better if their needs are prioritized before, during, and after the split. If the relationship with either parent is poor, or if the conflicts were ongoing and severe, the children’s outlook is jaded.

CCBI also reported that girls tend to suppress their feelings and may become depressed, while boys are more likely to exhibit outward aggression by fighting and getting into trouble.

Putting the Kids First

Rather than taking out their anger on each other and the children, separating couples need to find trusted friends, family members, and professionals to help them. This should be done privately. Talking about the problems out loud to an objective listener will diffuse intense emotions and promote coping mechanisms. After all, divorce is difficult for children, and they should not be weighted down with their parents’ fighting.

Using clear and honest communication to answer their questions is essential. Spouses should not air their grievances about each other in front of their kids. Putting children in the middle of a custody battle can be harmful. If one spouse has safety concerns about the children spending time with their ex-spouse, a family lawyer should be contacted.

The Mediation Option

Custody determination processes do not have to turn into battles. If both parties are able to keep their emotions under control, an agreement can be worked out that will provide for the children’s best interests. When the ex-spouses are on good terms, they may be able to arrange the custody agreement so everyone benefits.

Media child custody lawyers can mediate and negotiate the terms. If this cannot be worked out, litigation procedures may take place, and the custody arrangement will be decided by a judge

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