Living Alone Post-Divorce

August 14, 2019

One of the biggest transitions for many people going from marriage to divorce is suddenly adjusting to life alone. All the changes and custody negotiations are stress-inducing and more consequential, yet one cannot discount the emotional adjustment of simply being solo for the first time again. Being alone can also mean having more time to reflect and worry about the next steps and moving forward. So understandably, those divorcing may have questions and worries about this new phase.

Anxiety and Remedies

It is human to worry, and it is a normal part of a divorce to have a heightened sense of anxiety about the future, as well as daily living. Some of the worries a newly divorced spouse may have are practical, such as maintaining the home and managing one’s sense of safety and security. For those who divorced to escape a contentious or abusive situation, one should update the home’s security systems. This can mean replacing locks, updating any installed security systems and passwords, and installing additional lighting or alarms. Some divorcing spouses decide to learn self-defense to strengthen their own sense of confidence.

Others may feel a sense of loneliness and worry. Sadness can be a typical part of the transition and many people may need time to plan, reflect, and mourn. While a sense of loss is common, it is when it becomes pervasive and signals clinical depression that one should seek professional support.

There is always a danger of comparing oneself to others in the same situation. It is helpful to keep in mind that each person and marital situation is different. It is not unusual to feel fear that one will end up alone. Ways to mitigate this are to keep active, maintain social and family ties, and when the person is emotionally ready, seek out new social circles.

Recognizing that this is a significant life change is half the battle. For many people, this can mean moving on to building a new and different life. If you are divorcing, also keep in mind that it is essential to have skilled legal guidance from an experienced Chester County divorce lawyer to get you the most equitable settlement. Divorce can be emotionally difficult, but it should not leave you in a precarious legal and financial situation.

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