Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

September 11, 2019

Drunk and drugged drivers still populate this nation’s roads and highways, even though the public is aware of the dangers it presents. The accidents they cause traumatize victims and ruin lives, and these drivers often flee the scene after the crash occurs. What if the driver who is clearly under the influence remains at the scene? The main thing is to think carefully before taking action. Drunk drivers can be unpredictable and dangerous to deal with.

First Priorities

Like any other car accident, safety is priority, so calling for help is the first order of business. When the injuries are serious, it is important not to move around, as this can create additional complications. If it is possible to move about and if the vehicle still works, it should be moved to the side of the road for safety. Victims should also get out of the car, if possible, and wait for help to arrive.

Once these needs are attended to, the driver can document the scene by taking photographs, videos, and notes about the other car’s license plate, time of the crash, where the crash took place, and other details. If the driver is intoxicated, exchanging insurance information may not be possible. The driver may be unconscious, incoherent, or uncooperative. If anyone witnessed the crash, they can be spoken with and their contact information should also be recorded.

Tread Carefully

Some accident victims may consider giving first aid to the drunk driver if they are in distress. It is recommended to approach them carefully, because they could be agitated or even violent. Any indications of aggression must be taken seriously, and it is a clear sign to back off. The victim should take care not to argue and ensure that 911 has been contacted. In worst case scenarios, the victim should get as far away from the drunk driver as possible and wait for help to arrive.

When Drunk Drivers Flee the Scene

Drunk drivers are known to flee accident scenes because they are disoriented and they do not want to get caught. Trying to follow them is not a good idea as it can put the victim in danger. Therefore, it is important to gather evidence as quickly as possible. The police will attempt to find the drunk driver, which they will investigate through camera data, eyewitness testimony, tire marks, etc. When they do find the driver, they will face more criminal penalties, including resisting arrest, eluding the police, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Not Admitting Fault

Car accident victims may also be disoriented after a crash, but it is imperative to not admit fault, as this may be recorded by police or the other driver and used later. The scene will be analyzed and documented by other parties to discover how the crash occurred, so liability can be determined later on.

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