Most Dangerous Toys of 2019

December 5, 2019

With Christmas only a few weeks away, you may be wondering what the most appropriate gifts are for young children and what gifts may be too dangerous. There were an estimated 251,700 toy-related injuries in the United States in 2017. The World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) has released a list of the most unsafe toys for 2019. This year’s most dangerous toys of 2019 include the following:

  • Nerf Ultra One: Priced at almost $50, the Nerf Ultra One cautions children to avoid aiming at the eyes or face. It also warns children to only use the Nerf gun with the Nerf darts to avoid injury. The age recommendation for this toy is eight years old and older.
  • Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog: This toy, for ages 18 months and older, is priced at $18.99, and has a potential for ingestion and choking injuries. The toy comes with 12 removable, plastic quills that can become choking hazards.
  • Nickelodeon Frozen Treats Slime: Make no mistake, this frozen treat slime is not real food and should not be ingested, according to the hazard on the box. The slime is priced at about $10 and is recommended for children six years old and older with adult supervision. The warning on the box says that the set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. It warns to read each carton and individual container carefully.
  • Anstoy Electronic Toy Gun: The all black plastic submachine gun is recommended for children 14 years old and older and warns them to use goggles. It also warns against shooting people and animals at close range.
  • Pogo Trick Board: The Pogo Trick Board is recommended for ages six and older and warns children to always wear a helmet and other protective gear. However, the children modeled on the box are not wearing the protective equipment needed for safety when using the item. It has a hazard for head and impact injuries.
  • Power Rangers Electronic Cheetah Claw: This toy warns children not to swing at people or animals, and to use away from breakable objects. The toy is recommended for children five years old and older and is manufactured by Hasbro.

Other dangerous toys on the list include:

  • Bunchem’s Bunch’n Build by Spin Master LTD.
  • Yeti by Douglass Company, Inc.
  • Diecast School Bus by Schylling
  • Viga Pull-Along Catapillar by VIGA; Belvedere

2019 Toy Recalls

This year alone, there have been seven toys recalled due to choking hazards. These seven recalls represent over 500,000 units of toys in the United States and Canada. By law, toys in the United States must meet over 100 rigorous safety tests and standards.

Buying Responsibly This Christmas

It is important that you stay educated about the toys that are being manufactured and put out on the market. Even the toys deemed safe hold hidden hazards. Parents should know what safety traps to look out for before purchasing toys. They should also inspect new and old toys for defects. Familiar brand names may lead to a false sense of security.

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