Keeping the Magic in Christmas in Separate Houses

December 12, 2019

Media divorce lawyers discuss keeping the magic of Christmas in separate houses.Celebrating Christmas in two separate houses can be difficult for children with divorced parents. However, it can also be difficult on the parents as well, especially when it comes to giving gifts. It is important to avoid doubling up on toys, electronics, and clothes, but that may happen if you and your ex-spouse fail to communicate before buying gifts. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure Christmas runs smoothly this year.

Tips for Managing Gift Giving This Year

  • Plan in advance. If you and your ex-spouse are on good terms, you may want to compare your holiday shopping lists in advance. It is important to be as specific as possible. One parent may decide to focus on what the child wants while the other parent may choose to focus on what the child needs. You should also compare your shopping lists with extended family on both sides.
  • Avoid competing with your ex-spouse. Wanting to be the parent that spends the most money on your children’s gifts can lead to each parent competing with the other. This does a disservice to your children and can ruin the holiday spirit.
  • Consider celebrating Christmas on two different days. Children may enjoy being able to celebrate Christmas twice instead of having to split the day in half. Having to split Christmas day in half can be a frantic, stressful experience, both for the parent and for any children involved.
  • Give your child an experience rather than a physical gift. An experience includes a day trip or a vacation.
  • Talk to your child about the meaning behind the Christmas holiday. It is important to teach children the importance of giving. Encourage your children to give or make gifts for the other parent or family members.
  • Take the high road if your ex-spouse does not want to cooperate. If your ex-spouse refuses to cooperate with gift buying, you can still make your children’s Christmas a special day. Although it may be hard to stay calm when your ex-spouse is being difficult, it is important to preserve the peace during this special holiday. If you and your ex-spouse end up buying your children the same gift, you can choose to donate some of the gifts to charities or hospitals. It can even make for a great teaching experience for your children about giving to the less fortunate.

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