January, The Month of Divorce

January 21, 2020

The holidays can be difficult, particularly for married couples. Unstable marriages seemingly cannot overcome the added holiday stress at this time of year. Perhaps that is why January is unofficially classified as the “divorce month”, where most divorces happen compared to any other time of the year. All marriages are different, and divorce can happen for several reasons. Interestingly, couples who file for force in January have similar reasons. The following are common reasons that couples divorce in January:

  • Financial and Emotional Stress: It is safe to assume that money is usually an issue for most married couples. Money is also the main cause in a strained marriage. The holidays are no exception for financial woes. Finances play a huge role in holiday festivities, which can also cause tension on a marriage. This added stress can impact marriages that are already on a downward spiral. Extreme emotional stress is another reason for divorce, especially added stress caused by the holidays. In fact, most suicides and depression cases occur in the holiday months. A couple unable to handle the emotional stress of the holidays more than likely will file for divorce in January.
  • A New Start: There is a belief that a new year marks the beginning of a new person, so a person in a failing marriage may consider January the time to end their marriage and start anew. A spouse’s resolution may be to get out of an unhealthy marriage and start a new life. Filing in January may seem beneficial to a few couples. Some couples will also wait until January so they can file as being married for the upcoming year.
  • Children: Some couples who have children will consider waiting until after the holiday season is over. These couples have already made their decision before the season started but decided to stay together until January in order to keep the holidays joyful for their children. Some couples will want to instill happy memories of the holidays for their children, but there is never an ideal moment to announce a divorce. Studies have also shown that all divorces are harmful to a child’s development and mental health, no matter what time of year. Children may be impacted the most during a divorce.

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