Overcoming Fear of Divorce

February 5, 2020

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events a person can go through in their lifetime, so it is no wonder why many people may remain in an unhappy marriage purely out of the fear of the divorce process.

If the thought of going through a divorce causes you immense fear or anxiety, it can help tremendously to carefully go through the advantages and disadvantages of the divorce process. Accept that anxiety and fear are normal emotions for anyone who does not know what the future holds, then work through those fears to evaluate if they are rational.

Common Fears About Divorce

One of the most common reasons for avoiding divorce is the fear of hurting the children that are involved or losing child custody. Rest assured that many children experience their parents divorcing and accept the transition. It could be far worse to stay and suffer in an unhappy marriage, children suffer more in toxic households. Do not assume that they do not know how you feel. As for custody, there are numerous factors that the court considers when awarding custody. Unless you are using illegal substances or are abusing or neglecting your children, you should be able to build a strong case for custody.

Other common fears include being judged by friends and family, not being able to afford the expense of a divorce, being alone after the divorce, having to start over, and losing the marital home.

Finding Solutions

Each situation is different, and people have their own fears. Write them down so that they become more realistic; the act of putting them on paper will help you look at them more objectively. Then go through your list of fears and search for a solution. You will see that you have the power to neutralize each fear by finding answers, and listing the actions you can take to move forward after the divorce.

For example, if your fear is that you will not be able to afford a divorce, some solutions could be researching options, like divorce mediation, to avoid long and costly court battles. Find a lawyer who aims to resolve issues quickly and talk to a financial advisor that can provide advice on managing finances. You can also bring your list of fears to an experienced divorce lawyer, this will help you explore your options and find creative, manageable solutions.

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