Avoid a Slip and Fall Accident This Summer

July 9, 2020

Many might think that slip and fall accidents are rare in the summertime months. Yet, accidental slips can happen at any time of the year. During the warm weather months, many people slip or fall while picnicking, barbequing, vacationing, or just relaxing in the backyard. Though many of the incidents are related to wet areas around pools, hot tubs, and waterparks, slip and falls can happen at other places too.

What Causes Slip and Falls in the Summer?

A large proportion of summer slip and fall accidents can be linked to wet pool decks, patios, and sliding boards. Even a little bit of splash from the pool can cause puddles to form. Everyone knows how quickly intense summer storms can come and go, which causes slippery pool areas and wet walking surfaces.

Though pool decks are typically surrounded by textured concrete and commercial mats, those surfaces can quickly become slick. If the concrete buckles over time, it can become cracked and make the situation more hazardous. Spilled sunscreen, food, and beverages only exacerbate the problem.

Another source of slip and falls in the summer is loose footwear. Sandals and flip flops may be fashionable, but they tend to provide little traction. People walking in crowded areas with uneven, potentially slippery surfaces, may tumble suddenly and hurt themselves.

What are Frequently Seen Slip and Fall Injuries?

Under the best of circumstances, a dangerous fall will leave bruises and perhaps lead to soreness for a day or two. However, some summer slips cause more serious injuries. Broken bones, soft tissue problems, and cuts routinely send people to the emergency room.

Traumatic brain injuries, including mild and more severe concussions, can also result from falling. If a victim falls into the pool and suffers a brain or spinal cord injury that causes a blackout, drowning can occur very quickly.

How Can Slip and Fall Incidents be Avoided?

Avoiding a slip and fall accident involves taking precautionary measures and playing it safe in all situations. Everyone should walk carefully around wet pool decks, walking paths, and sidewalks. Children, adults, and the elderly should also wear shoes that lessen the likelihood of sliding on a slippery surface. Getting trained on emergency CPR can mitigate the long-lasting effects of an injury.

What Should I Do if Someone Else Caused My Slip and Fall Accident?

A victim may want to pursue legal measures if he or she feels that the slip and accident was caused by negligence. For instance, a property owner may not have taken proper action to lower the risk of slips.

In terms of compensation for personal injury, Pennsylvania is one of the many states that follows the rule of modified comparative negligence. This means that the court will determine how much fault should be shared between the plaintiff and the defendant. The shared fault will be put into percentage terms, and any damages will be awarded based on that percentage.

How does comparative negligence work? If someone suffers a traumatic brain injury after falling off the slide at a commercial waterpark, that person may recover 100 percent of awardable damages. However, if the victim was not following posted waterpark rules, a court could rule that the victim was partially at fault and may be awarded a lower percentage of the damages.

Finding a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney soon after a serious incident in Pennsylvania is critical. Personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the accident, so it is important to seek legal representation immediately.

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