Do Teenage Drivers Rely too Much on Safety Technology?

March 1, 2021

Teenagers heavily focus on technology, including safety features in vehicles. A new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study shows that many parents are concerned that young motorists may lack core driving abilities because they rely too much on auto safety features. Safety technology is important, but teenage drivers should primarily focus on advancing their own driving skills.

Some car manufacturers have launched features that either parallel park for drivers or with minimal driver intervention. Although this can seem like a positive feature, it may make teenagers less apt to try to parallel park. Not understanding how to properly get in and out of a tight parking space can lead to a car accident.

Teenagers do not have to avoid learning how to drive in vehicles equipped with rear cameras, lane assist, and automatic braking capabilities. However, teenagers should learn the essential elements of driving. The following contains driving safety tips for teenagers and how their parents can help.

Turn Off Technology When it is Appropriate

Some car technologies have temporary opt-out features. For example, headlights that turn on automatically can be set to manual. When parents are teaching teenagers how to drive, adults should turn off many unnecessary features. This offers teenagers the opportunity to build an awareness of how to respond to changing conditions without assistance.

Understand the Limitations of Technology

A big misconception among all drivers, including teenagers, is that technological advancements will work without human intervention. Drivers still need to pay attention to what is happening around them and be conscientious of how their car feels when in motion. Technologies can malfunction. Drivers must be aware of these limitations and stay alert.

Consider Teaching on an Older Car

Parents should allow their teenager to learn on an older vehicle instead of a newer one. Older generations of well-known brands tend to have few technical features. This automatically forces the teenage driver to revert to using driving fundamentals, like checking blind spots before changing lanes.

Set an Example for Teenagers

A final suggestion for parents teaching teenagers to drive is to curb their own usage of safety features. Taking extra precautions in front of a teenager shows them that technology has advantages, but it does not prevent all collisions.

National statistics consistently indicate that teenage drivers cause a high percentage of accidents, but teenagers can do their part by practicing safe driving. Teenagers need to understand the fundamentals of driving without relying too heavily on auto safety features. If a teenager is involved in an accident, they may have legal options, depending on the circumstances.

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