What Happens if My Car Accident Injuries are Delayed?

May 26, 2021

Most car accidents are traumatic. When the body generates adrenaline and endorphins, it does not always have time to process the initial shock of the accident. The body can produce a type of shock that can block pain. Some signs to look out for are headaches, neck or shoulder pain, numbness, back pains, abdominal pain, changes in behavior or personality, and flashbacks or nightmares. When experiencing these symptoms, it is helpful to record them in a journal or take note of what one is experiencing.

Why Should I Receive Medical Attention After a Car Accident?

It is vital that a car accident victim sees a doctor after a collision, regardless of how they might feel. Potential injuries may not show up right away, so it is important to seek medical care. It is also crucial to document that one sought medical treatment within a reasonable amount of time. If a person waits too long, the insurance adjuster might say that the person was not injured in a car accident or that the injuries are not significant.

Most lawyers encourage that car accident victims do not accept settlement offers right away. A driver’s insurance company may contact the other party in hopes for them to sign a release of any claims they have made, or they may offer some type of deal to them. Regardless of what happens, it is vital that an individual waits until they have been fully evaluated by their primary doctor to build a solid personal injury case. Waiting to go to a doctor can interfere with a potential claim.

What Should I Discuss With My Lawyer?

It is important to take time to discuss the injuries and the case at hand. It is imperative to communicate to a lawyer about ongoing injuries after a medical evaluation by a professional. A lawyer should know about the future prognosis so they can correctly angle the case.

Which Injuries are Usually Delayed?

With various injuries, there is almost always a delay between the time of the accident and the symptoms. There is a timeline for how the body will react, but researchers find that there are factors to consider, such as how one’s body will respond to different injuries. Internal bleeding will typically show within 72 hours of a car crash, brain or neck injuries are usually prominent within a week, concussions can appear after days, weeks, or even months, and chronic widespread pain can immediately show up or may appear within the course of a year.

Since many injuries are delayed, a car accident victim should always go to a doctor after a collision. It is also important to speak to a lawyer, especially if the injuries are severe. A lawyer will discuss the best course of action.

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Help Car Accident Victims With Delayed Injuries

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