What are Common Summer Personal Injuries?

July 16, 2021

Summertime is when people like to go out, enjoy the warm weather, travel, and spend more time with friends and family. However, the increased activity also means increased possibility for injuries. This leads to more visits to the emergency room and more personal injury lawsuits.

Injuries can vary based on various situations. Hot weather can lead to heat stroke, sunburns, dehydration, or heat exhaustion. Heat-related injuries and slip and fall accidents increase as more workers are outside doing construction or maintenance. Being in the water can cause drownings or boating accidents. More traffic on roads creates more collisions and major injuries. Get-togethers could spur injuries from grilling or launching fireworks. Even just being outside can mean increased likelihood of being struck by foreign objects, cuts, dog bites, or exposure to environmental toxins. This can lead to costly medical visits, lost time, or delayed or cancelled vacation plans.

How can I Avoid an Accident This Summer?

The increase in activity correlates to more injuries and hospital trips. However, many of these accidents can be avoided. Some simple preventative measures can do a lot to keep danger away. Here are some helpful safety tips:

  • In warmer weather, always carry some water. This will help regulate body temperature and limit the chance of suffering heat-related injuries, like exhaustion, stroke, and sunburn. This is especially recommended for anyone working outside.
  • Watch out for road users. Roads are more crowded during the summer, including an increase of younger, less experienced drivers along with motorcyclists. Seasoned drivers may be taking on new routes and can be caught in sudden storms. Take extra time for trips, short or long. Drive defensively, including using safe following distances and looking twice before turning. Share the road with motorcycles, and give them enough room to pass or stay in traffic lanes. Also, stay focused on pedestrians and bikes on the road, especially in unfamiliar areas.
  • Always pay attention around pools or bodies of water. Keep an eye on children, especially if they cannot swim well. Follow signs and safety guidelines. Wear life preservers while boating, and only go into pools or bodies of water when lifeguards are present.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol. Cold alcoholic drinks in hot weather may be refreshing, but it may quicken heat-related conditions. Crowded festivals or outdoor events can increase the likelihood of falls, cuts, or damage to limbs or joints. Compromised judgement can lead to increased likelihood of accidents around a grill or fireworks. Additionally, law enforcement agencies increase checkpoints to catch drunk drivers, especially during holiday weekends. Plan for a safe ride home if one plans to drink.

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Advocate for Summer Safety

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