Do Delivery Services Cause Car Accidents?

July 28, 2021
Delivery Services

Even as the state begins to lift Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, delivery services remain extremely popular. Whether it is Amazon, UPS, Grubhub, or any other related service, it appears that deliveries are being made at a record pace.  Every street in the area likely has a delivery car or truck on it at least once a day.  As more people get out of the house, combined with countless deliveries being made, the risk of getting into a car accident increases.    

What Causes Delivery Service Accidents?

For the past several years, almost any product can be purchased online and delivered to the home within a small amount of time. Major companies are now employing smaller delivery partners in conjunction with their own drivers. More deliveries means that more vehicles are on the roads. There are a few causes of delivery driver accidents, including:

  • Distractions: Not only do delivery drivers rely on a navigation device, but their relentless schedule and productivity goals push them to multi-task. Delivery drivers may find themselves eating while driving, looking at their apps for the next stop, or focusing on the packages, which all can lead to distracted driving accidents.
  • Driver fatigue: Delivery drivers face the enormous task of making many stops each day. Many delivery drivers often have night schedules as well, which can lead to extreme fatigue. A tired motorist lacks focus and is unable to drive safely.
  • Impaired driving: Driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance is incredibly dangerous. Since many drivers feel pressure to meet work demands, they may consume drugs to stay awake or deal with stress. 
  • Vehicle maintenance: Large businesses hire smaller courier companies to make their deliveries, and the drivers for those companies use their own personal vehicles to make stops. Some drivers may fail to perform regular vehicle maintenance.

Delivery Service Insurance Coverage

An accident claim can get quite complicated if a motorist is involved in a collision with a delivery service driver. Some delivery services, like Grubhub, require a driver to carry minimum liability insurance, but it may also offer additional coverage. Even with coverage, it may be limited.

Other companies describe their drivers as independent contractors. If one of those drivers gets into an accident, the injured party cannot go after the company, they must file a claim with the driver’s own personal policy. A wise option for the injured party is to contact a lawyer who can help with the claims process.

Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Help Those Injured by Negligent Delivery Service Drivers

If you were injured by a delivery driver, then contact one of our Media car accident lawyers at Eckell, Sparks, Levy, Auerbach, Monte, Sloane, Matthews & Auslander, P.C. right away. Delivery service car accident cases are complex, but we can help you pursue the right path. Call us today at 610-565-3701 or contact us online for an initial consultation. Located in Media and West Chester, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve clients throughout Delaware County, Chester County, and Montgomery County.