What are Essential Labor Day Weekend Driving Tips?

August 25, 2021
Labor Day Weekend

Many drivers hit the highways during Labor Day weekend. With so many vehicles on the road, many major transportation arteries become clogged, increasing the likelihood of car accidents. In fact, the National Safety Council states that Labor Day weekend is one the most dangerous times to travel.

On average, hundreds of drivers lose their lives on Labor Day weekend. Fortunately, drivers can take precautionary measures to lessen their chance of getting into a collision. Listed below are important safety tips you can follow on Labor Day weekend.

Drive Sober

Plenty of Labor Day car accidents could be avoided if intoxicated drivers stayed away from the wheel. Motorists who intend to drink alcohol should either ride with a designated driver or should find another alternative, such as a rideshare service.

Get Enough Sleep

Trying to cram too much activity into one day can lead to exhaustion. Tired drivers tend to make more mistakes. Simple errors, such as forgetting to put on their turn signal or running a red light, can lead to a serious or fatal crash. Fatigued drivers are better off pulling over to a safe place, like a well-lit parking lot, and taking a quick nap.

Check the Weather Conditions

Everyone hopes that their Labor Day will be sunny and pleasant; however, severe weather can pop up out of nowhere. Sudden thunderstorms can lead to poor visibility on highways and slick road surfaces. Drivers and their passengers can stay on top of changing conditions by looking at a weather forecast before every trip.

Slow Down

Going above the posted speed limit puts everyone at risk. Drivers should exercise patience, especially if they know they will be traveling in busy areas. Although it can be frustrating to be in stop-and-go traffic, it is best to remain calm.

Report Questionable Driving

A lot of motorists do not realize that they can alert the authorities if they see dangerous drivers. If you see another driver swerving, speeding, or acting aggressively, you can make a phone call to 911. The dispatcher will ask information about the driver, such as a license plate number, vehicle color, model, or make.

Drive During the Day

Some of the riskiest times for drivers are weekend and holiday evenings. Therefore, getting home before it gets too late can be one way to avoid an accident. This is particularly important for newer drivers who may have little night-driving experience.

What if I Get into an Accident?

Motorists owe it to themselves, their loved ones, and other drivers to exercise caution over Labor Day weekend. If you get into a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you may want to contact a lawyer to get legal advice. A lawyer will explain your legal options while protecting your rights.

West Chester Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks can Help You After a Severe Labor Day Weekend Collision

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