What is Sudden Divorce Syndrome?

September 20, 2021
Sudden Divorce Syndrome

Going through a divorce can be stressful. Not only do people suffer from emotional stress, but there could also be physical symptoms as well, especially if the divorce is unexpected. Sudden divorce syndrome (SDS) is a condition that is becoming more widely accepted.

According to an article published in Best Life Magazine, men experience SDS more often than women. SDS is caused by the stress and anxiety that is caused by going through a divorce, especially when one partner was totally clueless that the other partner wanted to dissolve the marriage. In the study, 25 percent of the men reported that it was a complete surprise when their spouse informed them that they wanted a divorce. For women, only 14 percent felt broadsided by the news. In many instances, the partner who declared that they wanted the divorce felt they left many clues about their unhappiness in the marriage.

What are the Physical Symptoms of SDS?

Not only is there an emotional component of SDS, there are serious physical issues that can arise as well. The stress and anxiety caused by divorce in general can cause health ailments. Increased blood pressure and heart conditions can be related to SDS. Since some people cope with stress and anxiety in negative ways, like alcohol consumption, cirrhosis of the liver can be attributed to SDS.

What are Signs of Divorce?

With SDS, one partner believed their marriage was good and solid. However, looking back, they realize there were telltale signs that the marriage was coming to an end. Some signs of divorce include:

  • One spouse does not argue about anything anymore because they have already emotionally checked out of the marriage.
  • One spouse begins to engage in more activities by themselves.
  • One spouse goes on trips or vacations without the other.
  • One spouse spends more time on their career than before.
  • One spouse is hyper-focused on having more financial independence from the other spouse.

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