What Are the Most Common Accidents That Happen in Summer?

June 21, 2022
Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Represent Clients Who Have Been Injured in Warm Weather-Related Accidents.

If you are one of the millions of people who look forward to summer for the warm weather, the longer days, and the opportunity to spend time outdoors, you have probably already started soaking up the sun since Memorial Day. However, the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is known as the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer due to the spike in fatal car accidents among teenagers.

In addition to teen-related car accidents, there are several other warm-weather activities that can cause serious, even life-threatening injuries. When people are on vacation or simply hanging out by a friend’s pool, they may not be as vigilant as they should be about safety. The following are common accidents and injuries that occur during the summer months:

  • Slip and fall accidents: These accidents are more common in summer because people spend more time outside their houses.
  • Boating accidents: A relaxing day on a boat can take a tragic turn if the boat operator is careless or negligent.
  • Bicycle accidents: There is nothing protecting cyclists from the impact of a car except for their helmets. Even a relatively minor accident can cause the cyclist to suffer severe injuries.
  • Water-related accidents: People of all ages enjoy cooling off in a pool, however, accidents can happen when people are not paying attention.
  • Sunburn and heat-related illnesses: The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause sunburn and heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke.
  • Burn injuries: Many activities during the summer, like barbecues, campfires, and fireworks, can cause burn injuries if precautions are not taken.

Why Is There an Increase in Car Accidents During the Summer?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most car accidents occur during the summer months. There are several possible reasons for this spike in summertime car accidents, including the following:

  • Increase in traffic. Schools are out for the summer, which means more teenage drivers on the roads. In addition, many people plan vacations during the summer, which adds to road congestion. The majority of major road construction is also done during the summer months when the weather is warm.
  • More impaired drivers. On any given weekend during the summer, people are heading to parties, barbecues, or weekends at the beach. Some motorists get behind the wheel after drinking too much, particularly over the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends.
  • More inexperienced drivers on the road. School is out for the summer and more newly licensed drivers are on the roads. There are more fatal car accidents involving teenage drivers during the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer than at any other time of the year.
  • Mechanical breakdowns. When it gets hot outside, your vehicle is more likely to break down or malfunction if it has not been adequately maintained.

How Can I Avoid a Summer Accident?

Despite how common these accidents are in the summer, the majority of them can be prevented by taking the following proactive steps:

  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wear the appropriate gear.
  • Always wear sun protection.
  • Use extreme caution near water.

Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Represent Clients Who Have Been Injured in Warm Weather-Related Accidents

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