Will Dating Affect My Divorce?

September 7, 2022
Chester County Divorce Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Will Upholds Your Rights During a Divorce.

Although a divorce filing is a clear indication that a legal breakup is imminent, dating while you are going through the process might affect the outcome. Here is a closer look at how that might happen.

Adultery Claims Might Arise

You might be involved in a physical relationship with another person while going through a divorce. Your divorcing spouse might claim your relationship is evidence that you committed adultery and say that is the “ground” for the divorce. A judge might agree and grant a divorce in a much different way than you intended. Your spouse might have hired a private investigator to follow you and gather any evidence that might be used against you.

If any evidence is obtained that shows you are engaged in a physical relationship with someone who might be a bad influence, the divorce ruling might favor your ex-partner.

The Other Attorney Could Depose Your Date

If you are dating someone while undergoing a divorce, your ex-partner’s attorney could demand to depose that person. The deposition likely would include questions regarding when the relationship began and just how personal it has become. The attorney will look for any evidence of infidelity on your part to support a potential adultery claim against you.

The deposition also could be used to show whether or not you or your date are sharing income or engaging in illegal activities. Anything unsavory that might arise from a deposition could have a significant impact on your divorce.

Child Custody Could be Affected

Whenever a divorcing couple has children, the court takes a very strong interest in their well-being. If you are dating someone, the court will need to know that person does not pose a risk to your children.

Even an unknown risk could affect whether or not you have custody of your children and for how long. You might want your children to stay with you, but your relationship might make that impossible. If the person you are dating has a criminal record, one or more DUI offenses, or other issues, that could work against you.

Alimony Might Change

Maybe you intend to seek financial support. Dating someone could affect how much alimony you get or whether you win spousal support at all. If the person you are dating appears to be staying at your home, a judge might rule you have replaced your spouse and do not need support. Your spouse’s attorney might gather evidence that shows the person you are dating is wealthy and capable of supporting you.

There are many ways in which dating might work against you during a divorce.

Chester County Divorce Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Will Upholds Your Rights During a Divorce

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