How Do High Winds Cause Car Accidents?

April 30, 2024
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Many storms bring with them high winds, a potential hazard for drivers. These winds, often underestimated, can easily cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. Despite a passenger car weighing an average of 4,000 lbs., it is no match for the force of extremely high wind gusts. This can lead to a loss of control or drifting out of the lane, potentially placing a motorist on a two-lane road with no median in the path of oncoming traffic.

Moreover, wind can unpredictably scatter debris on the roadway. For instance, high winds can dislodge cargo from a truck, sending it directly into a driver’s path. The sudden appearance of such debris can strike a car or cause a driver to lose control while attempting to avoid it. This loss of control can result in the driver moving out of their lane and into the path of another car, highlighting the unpredictable nature of wind-related accidents.

Further, high winds can reduce your visibility and keep you from seeing other cars on the road. Dirt or leaves may blow into your view. They could cover your windshield and keep you from seeing before you can clear it.

How Liability Is Determined in a Wind-Related Car Accident?

A driver usually cannot escape legal responsibility for an accident by blaming the weather conditions. The response to using weather as an excuse is that the driver should not have been out on the road during inclement weather. The usual rules of negligence will apply in an accident caused by high winds, no matter what each driver says. Negligence could be operating a car in inclement weather conditions.

However, determining liability in a car accident caused by wind can be a complex task. In such situations, a car accident lawyer is crucial. They would need to gather evidence that clearly demonstrates the other driver’s fault in the accident. The presence of strong wind alone is not sufficient evidence. It is necessary to prove that the driver acted unreasonably, such as drifting out of their lane. In such cases, your car accident lawyer would advocate for you to receive full compensation for your injuries, providing a sense of reassurance in these challenging times.

Contact Our Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks After a Weather-Related Collision

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