Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

May 3, 2018

Media Bicycle Accident Lawyers weigh in on bicycle accidents, offering safety tips to help avoid injury. Many bicycle accidents fall into one of a few common categories. Learning these situations and how to avoid them can help bicyclists stay safe and reduce the risk of injury. Bicyclists need to take care at intersections as 45 percent of all bike accidents with cars happen at an intersection. The following are common scenarios to be aware of:

  • Intersections where one street has a stop sign and the other does not: When a cyclist is on a street with no stop sign and a car is approaching the intersection on a street with a stop sign, often, the car will stop and then proceed through the intersection without yielding to the approaching bicyclist.
  • Car doors opening into bike lanes without warning: This gives the cyclist no time to react and no way to avoid striking the door if there are moving vehicles to the left. Serious injuries can be inflicted in this manner with the cyclist often being thrown from the bike.
  • The Left Cross: This happens when a car enters an intersection to make a left turn and collides with a bicyclist coming from the opposite direction.
  • The Right Hook: This type of bicycle accident involves cars turning right and has several scenarios. Sometimes, both the car and bike are waiting at a light to turn right. When the light changes, the car turns into the bicyclist, hitting them or cutting them off. A car can also cut off a bicyclist when they reach an intersection simultaneously and the car turns right across the bike’s path. A third scenario happens when a bicyclist is passing a slower car on the right and then the car makes a right turn into the bicyclist.

Preventing Bike Accidents

There are many things cyclists can do to avoid being injured in an accident. Visibility is key to staying safe. Bicyclists can improve their visibility by:

  • Staying off the sidewalks. Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians, not bikes. Drivers are not looking for traffic that emerges from sidewalks.
  • Wearing reflective gear and using head lights and tail lights.
  • Choosing an advantageous position within the traffic lane. Riding too close to the curb makes it more difficult for drivers to notice a bike.
  • Always ride with traffic and not against it.
  • When entering an intersection, use a speed that enables quick braking to help in an emergency if necessary.
  • Riding far to the left of parked cars and being aware of those with drivers sitting in them.

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