Keeping Pedestrians Safe This Summer

May 16, 2018

Media Pedestrian Accident Lawyers offer summer safety tips to help you avoid pedestrian accidents. Approximately 6,000 runners, walkers, and other pedestrians are fatally injured in traffic accidents each year, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Sadly, there is no sign of a decline any time soon. One reason for this could be the increasing occurrence of distracted driving. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, motorcycle, or even a bicycle, the injuries are often devastating.

Safety Tips for Walkers and Runners

Whether you are jogging, walking, or hiking, keep your family safe this spring and summer with some simple safety strategies.

Jog with a partner – Running in pairs makes joggers more visible to vehicles. However, for those who value the solitude of running or are short on time, partnering up may not seem like an option. Try the following tips to increase safety when running or walking alone:

  • Wear bright clothing to increase your visibility to approaching vehicles
  • Walk or run on the side of the street that allows you to be seen by traffic
  • If possible, remain on sidewalks or road shoulders
  • Waving to passing vehicles can alert a driver to your presence

Skip the headphones – When hearing is limited, approaching vehicles can take us by surprise. Yet, the thought of running without music may sound unappealing. For those unwilling to forego their workout playlist, consider the following alternatives:

  • Take your run off the road: Running on visibly marked trails populated with other runners will keep you safe and away from vehicular traffic.
  • Do a 360: Rotating a full 360 degrees every few minutes will allow you to see what is coming from every direction.
  • Keep the volume in check: Pedestrians in high traffic areas should lower the volume enough to hear approaching traffic.

Obey crosswalk laws – Pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk but must not enter a crosswalk until it seems reasonably safe to do so. Motorists need time to slow down and come to complete stop. Other motorists are not allowed to pass a vehicle that has yielded to a pedestrian.

Tell a friend – Leave a note on your kitchen counter, send a text message, or put a Post-it on your windshield with your intended route and approximate time of return.

Stay on the defense – Never assume that a driver sees you. Obey traffic laws, stop lights, and consider using hand signals to let drivers know when you plan to turn left or right. Be wary of other factors, like sun glare, that would prohibit a driver from seeing you. Make eye contact with a driver before crossing in front of his or her vehicle.

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